Queen Elizabeth has refused to meet Kate Middleton for years
Queen Elizabeth has refused to meet Kate Middleton for years

It took 5 years for Prince William to introduce Kate Middleton to Queen Elizabeth. And apparently it wasn't her decision

There Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton they seem to be in a good relationship now that the Duchess of Cambridge has been in the royal family for nearly a decade.

But according to new rumors the Queen refused to meet Kate Middleton for quite some time when she was still dating Prince William.


According to The Express, Queen Elizabeth avoided the Duchess of Cambridge for five years because he wanted to make sure the relationship was serious and at the time she wasn't sure it would last.


It is unclear exactly when William and Kate began dating because they were friends before things got romantic.

But we know it all started after Kate walked the runway for a charity event in 2002.

However, during the interview conducted on the occasion of her engagement, Kate admitted that she didn't meet the queen until Peter and Autumn Phillips' wedding in May 2008, a full year after William and Kate broke up and then reconciled for the second time.

It would therefore appear that William did not tell his grandmother (aka Elizabeth II) to be sure of his relationship with Kate until then, when he evidently realized that one day that woman would become his wife.

kate e regina
kate e regina

In the last few years, the relationship between Kate Middleton and the Queen has grown stronger and stronger, and in the documentary Our Queen at Ninety, Middleton claimed that one of his most memorable experiences with Queen Elizabeth was "A day spent alone in Leicester."

"I went without William, I was pretty worried, but she was fantastic - said Kate - The fact that she took the time to make sure you were happy, which out of everything it is doing is a very small element, shows just how much one really is caring person ».

Royal expert Ingrid Seward states that the queen greatly admires Kate, though the two women don't have much in common.

Their relationship has a more serious nature because Kate will one day be the queen.

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