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Influencer make-up: here are the 10 best to replicate
Influencer make-up: here are the 10 best to replicate

From the Ferragni sisters to Giulia De Lellis: here are the best beauty looks of the influencers

They pay close attention to detail, even when it comes to make-up. Especially since the details of the face end up in the foreground in the shots they post on Instagram: le influencer Italians are perfectly aware of the importance of the beauty look.

We went to find some of the most beautiful make-up shown in front of the camera and on the red carpet: da Chiara Ferragni to Giulia De Lellis as far as Diletta Bonaiuti, here are the best beauty looks from influencers!

Black Kajal

Chiara Ferragni focuses heavily on the eyes that she highlights with smokey eyes of different colors or with eyeliner and mascara. To bring them to the fore, the best solution is a black kajal applied along the outline. Passed with full marks.


Bold eyebrows

Chiara Biasi also focuses on the gaze: as a Mediterranean beauty she prefers to emphasize the eyebrows and aim for a black shade on the mobile eyelid. The lips are nude to balance the make-up.



Eighties sculpting for Giulia De Lellis who wears fake eyelashes and very marked eye make-up. The result, however, convinces us a lot.


Nude make-up

Flawless face base for a sun-kissed effect make-up: Veronica Ferraro always chooses an essential make-up. A line of eyeliner is enough to seal the beauty look!

Bright makeup

Alice Basso also focuses on a bright makeup with highlights in strategic areas to highlight the contours of the face.

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A post shared by ALICE BASSO (@alicebasso) on Feb 20, 2019 at 7:34 am PST

Soft make-up

Gilda Ambrosio opts for a makeup characterized by light tones: on the eyes a light brown eyeshadow and on the lips a nude pink lipstick, for an easy chic result.

Bronze make-up

Giulia Valentina's makeup is in shades of bronze, from the lips to the powders chosen for the contouring up to the eye makeup.

Red lips

Focus on the lips for Diletta Bonaiuti: the matte red lipstick is always a very glam choice!

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A post shared by Diletta Bonaiuti (@dilettabonaiuti) on Dec 28, 2018 at 11:02 am PST


Bold lipstick also for Valentina Ferragni: this is the most beautiful shade on her lips.

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