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The mistakes to avoid by decorating the house with white
The mistakes to avoid by decorating the house with white

White is not always the easiest and safest way to furnish your home with taste. If poorly dosed, white risks creating too surgical and anonymous effects. Here's how to avoid falling into error

It is not true that white goes well with everything, always and in any case. This law does not apply to home decor, where sometimes the too much white ends up creating cold or sterile effects.

This color / non-color must be treated with caution, choosing it wisely, dosing it wisely and mixing it with the colors that best match it.

In order not to fall into error and have a result that lives up to expectations, here it is 10 tips to take into consideration when decorating with white. For all these tips, you have carte blanche. Obviously.

White boiserie with colored parquet

If for the walls you have opted for the retro elegance of total white boiserie, the flooring should turn to another color. To make the environment warm and welcoming, the parquet in walnut or maple colors will perfectly match the neutral boiserie. Therefore, do not choose white for both the floors and the walls because the effect could be somewhat spooky.


Plaster for the walls

One way of experiencing white on the walls of the house is that borrowed from the industrial style, that is leave the plaster effect. Without added paint, white will be the dominant color but the imperfections and pitting typical of the wall will create an atmosphere of not finished exquisitely bohemian. Taking too much care and refinement of the details that change to whiteness would risk making the environment too sterile and surgical.


The elegance of the White Bathroom

Illuminate the bathroom with a splash of white it will transform the environment into a relaxing corner, not to mention Zen. Without exaggerating with whiteness, choose a couple of furnishing accessories full of snowy personality and that's it. A Provençal-inspired sink cabinet combined with a more irreverent and modern mirror are an excellent example of a winning combination.


White floor

The white floor immediately echoes the timeless charm of marble. The effect of biancone, Calacatta and Carrara manages to combine the typical coldness of the marble material with a truly excellent warmth of atmosphere. If you fear that marble needs too many precautions and care, you can choose porcelain stoneware tiles, but being careful to rely on excellent quality in order to avoid an unpleasant fake effect.


Retro white

For a nostalgic corner that as a fil rouge actually has a fil blanc that will delight the most shabby palates, choose white furniture pieces that wink at amarcord vein. A screen it's a rocking suspended to be attached to the ceiling, they will already make your corner an alcove with an exquisitely vintage flavor.


Furnish with white light

One way to use white in an original and captivating way is to choose this shade for the light decor. From the more traditional light points made of wall lamps, chandeliers and bedside lamps to the more youg and pop solutions like i Neon Sign, indulge yourself creating an arabesque of white lights. It will weave a charming cobweb from which it will be difficult to untangle the gaze.


Play with white

White does not necessarily mean anonymous and neutral, on the contrary: just a few tricks are enough to make a white detail as fun and original as a kaleidoscopic multicolor color palette. For example, white as the leitmotif of bed linen can be made a little more animated by sui generis tricks such as knots at the ends of the bedspread.


Wet the white with a gold nut

To embellish the bedding and soften the coldness of white by mixing it with more caramel shades, thegold is the most suitable shade. Choose it as the leitmotif of embroidery of pillows, sheets and pillowcases: the result will be proof of a royal suite. If wisely dosed, the gold color it has nothing tacky but, on the contrary, it manages to greatly enhance the colors it accompanies.


White even for the little ones

Children's bedrooms do not necessarily have to be a riot of fluorescent colors. On the contrary: too bright colors often interfere with a good sleep and risk creating an environment in which the little ones do not feel at ease. With white, on the other hand, you are always on the safe side in terms of capacity relaxing. For a bedroom that is proof of good dreams, mixed various variations of the white-off, turning to a colder gray if the room is for a boy or opting for beige or cream if a girl sleeps there.


Blanc en plein air

For theGarden furniture, there is no color that better pays homage to the summer than white. Cushions, hammocks and outdoor lamps in this color will make your outdoor area a corner of the Seychelles to be enjoyed from sunrise to sunset and, why not, even vice versa: from sunset to sunrise.

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