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What's happening to Taylor Swift's Instagram profile
What's happening to Taylor Swift's Instagram profile

Taylor Swift has canceled everything she had posted so far on her social profiles: probably a launch move for the new album

Taylor Swift is ready to go big.

After being practically disappeared from social networks and public life (here we told you the most accredited theories on why) now it seems to have moved on to the next phase of a plan whose ending we still do not know, but whose media reach we can imagine - huge.

His Instagram profile, currently followed by 102 million followers, suddenly emptied one day ago.

And the same happened on the Facebook profile.

Shortly after the reset, a video was posted showing (or glimpsing) a slowly moving snake.

Taylor Swift's new album

The same video was published on all social networks then reposted after one day.

The hypotheses are immediate, which mostly see in the current social moves a launch of the new album, the sixth, which according to rumors gathered by Us Weekly, could go out this fall (anticipated by a single) three years after the phenomenal success of 1989, the record that marked her pop turning point and that placed her directly among the queens of the international music scene.

The new job, according to the sources, it will follow in the footsteps of the previous one, definitely leaving the country for pop and will be anticipated by a single that may be out this week already.

As confirmed by multiple sources to Us Weekly, in fact, the new single, complete with video, should be released Friday 25 August.

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The mystery of social media

Before even emptying his social profiles of any content, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Taylor had made headlines for the gear shift in its media presence.

If before he had accustomed the fans to one presence and constant updating on his public and private life, after fight with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (here we tell you in detail) Taylor stopped posting, except in exceptional cases or to wish a happy birthday to some famous colleague.

A move that, backwards, seems to be part of a much broader strategy linked to the marketing of the new album coming out.

The feud with Katy Perry

Many have also noticed that the video was launched just a few hours after the launch of the teaser of the new Katy Perry video, Swish Swish, single thought to be dedicated to Taylor Swift and to the feud that has now seen them as protagonists for more than two years.

In this regard, however, Katy declared, last July, to be willing to bury the hatchet.

From Taylor, for now, no response, but some insiders claim that peace may come soon and be made official at the next Video Music Awards, scheduled for August 27 in Los Angeles and presented by the pop star of Roar.

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The legal battle

Meanwhile, Taylor got his revenge in court, where one had been running for years legal battle against DJ David Mueller, accused by the singer of putting his hands under her skirt and feeling her butt after a concert in Denver in 2013.

At the time the radio vocalist he had been fired from its broadcaster following the pop star's complaints and for this he had sued her.

For all answer Swift had sued him for harassment demanding a dollar - symbolic - in compensation.

Now, the Denver courthouse he proved her right, in both trials.

The new boyfriend

One less thought for the star, who is now free to focus on her work and on new relationship, which has not escaped the paparazzi, despite all the precautions taken this time by the singer.

Taylor, from months ago now steady couple with British actor and model Joe Alwyn, with which she was first spotted last February.

Contrary to what happened with Tom Hiddleston, however, the pop star wanted this time keep a low profile, probably to feel free to work on the new album and enjoy the liason without the distraction of gossip.

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