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Audrey Hepburn's diet: here's how she stayed fit
Audrey Hepburn's diet: here's how she stayed fit

Healthy eating and lots of exercise (as well as a few snags): this is how Audrey Hepburn kept fit

Audrey Hepburn it is a timeless icon, to the point that its style and its slender appearance are still today a universal symbol of elegance.

And if at the time many believed that he suffered from some eating disorder, today his daily diet is revealed by the son, Luca Dotti, and his partner, Robert Wolders, agree that the actress did not follow any weight loss diet, quite the contrary, he allowed himself more than a whim.

Here's what Audrey Hepburn ate and how she trained

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No diet

But what diet, Audrey was on no diet

These are the words used by Robert Wolders, companion of the Breakfast at Tiffany's star from 1980 until his death in 1993.

Version also confirmed by the actress's son, Luca Dotti, born from a previous marriage with the Italian psychiatrist Andrea Dotti.

“People thought she was so thin because she had some eating disorder, but that's not true. He loved Italian food and pasta.

He ate a lot of cereals, a little meat and a bit of everything in general ", explains in her book Audrey at Home, Memories of My Mother's Kitchen.

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What he ate every day

It is Robert Wolders who tells what one was like Audrey's typical day from a food point of view:

"The morning, for breakfast, we ate rye bread and jam, while at noon there was always pasta, or chicken and veal with vegetables from our garden.

In the evening, soup with chicken and vegetables ". In short, no renunciation.

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The detox day

A secret in Audrey's diet, if it can be defined as such, the son reveals it:

"Mom, as any doctor would advise, he never gave up the benefits of a good breakfast.

He never skipped it, but he did one detox day per month, based on yogurt and grated apple ».

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Sins of gluttony

The actress allowed herself some whim

Besides freely eat pasta and pizza, the star used to pamper herself with some square of dark chocolate after dinner.

Not only that, he poured himself to relax two fingers of scotch sometimes in the evening, but he never drank wine.

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A daily exercise

Robert Wolders says that despite the actress following no diet, she liked to stay active.

For this she used to do long walks with him, who let himself be involved in his enthusiasm:

“He had a great metabolism, but she was not one who let herself be carried away by excesses».

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Childhood during the war

Audrey's lean and lean physique, in short, was to be attributed to mother nature, but not only, as Dotti explained:

“One of the reasons my mother has always been so thin dates back to his childhood.

From 9 to 16, during the Second World War, she found herself living moments of severe maltreatment.

The time when she needed nutrients the most was when she lacked them.

It is the period in which the Nazis occupied Holland, in 1944, nicknamed the Winter of Hunger. My mother didn't have enough food. She brought herself inside the memories of the war for all his life ».

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Audrey up for auction

Next September 27th from Christie's in London, one of the largest will be held auctions dedicated to the actress, which will collect clothes, scripts, portraits shot by famous photographers, letters and everyday objects, including her beloved colorful dancers.

Prices will be affordable for everyone, starting from 100 pounds (just over 100 euros) up to the most important figures.

Not only that: it will be possible participate in the auction also online, from 19 September to 3 October, and admire the auctioned objects in one exhibition open until 23 September.

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