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Christmas gifts for him: original and tech ideas
Christmas gifts for him: original and tech ideas

Christmas gifts for him: many original gift ideas including technology, sports, videogames and little big vices

Christmas presents for him they are always the first we think about and the last we finish - as well as those in which the greatest capital (of time and money) is usually invested.

That's why we have selected so many original gift ideas, technological, fun gifts, for eternal children and designed for those who already have everything.

Lots of gifts for boyfriends, husbands, companions or flirts of all styles and for all tastes, to make you look great on December 25th.

Scroll through the text and choose the one that suits you best - we will keep the article updated with all the news of the case until the last useful moment.

Xbox One X Console Controller Hrz ANR White Background

Xbox One X

If yours he is video game enthusiast, know that Xbox One x opens a new era of immersive gaming and entertainment in 4K and probably the best gift you can give him, thanks to 40% more power than any other console, and the line-up of games, which counts more than 70 Xbox One X Enhanced titles coming soon and over 50 already available including ForzaMotorsport 7, Super Lucky's Tale, Assassin's Creed: Origins, Middle-earth: Shadow of War and FIFA 18.

The Xbox line-up includes 1300 titles and over 220 exclusives, which offer a new experience on Xbox One X. Starting December 12, 2017, it will be available as an Xbox exclusive console most adrenaline-pumping shooter on the planet, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

To know about where to buy Xbox One X, see

spotify natale 2017

The Spotify subscription

It always has the headphones in your ears? Give them over 30 million songs with a Spotify Premium subscription.

Hits of the moment, great classics of the past, songs of any musical genre, with the Premium version you can select your favorite songs, create ad hoc playlists for every need and occasion, download them and listen to them offline when you prefer, without the need for connection.

Enough choose the duration (for one, three, six or 12 months) and you can buy one in authorized stores or online customizable e-card on the site.


A superhero robe

If yours he is your superhero (or has some ego problem), give him a gift bathrobe of his (or your) favorite character.

There are Batman, Flash, Darth Vader and Captain America and can be bought online on Dottorgadget.


iPhone X

The latest addition to Apple it is an unparalleled object of desire for all apple lovers.

It is the special edition created by Apple for the 10th anniversary of the most famous smartphone in the world, has 5.8-inch Super Retina display (i.e. slightly larger than that of the iPhone 8 Plus), but being totally free of edges it is about the same size as iPhone 8.

Rounded corners, no home button, made of glass ("The strongest glass ever made") both front and back and steel, unlocks through the new Face ID, a facial recognition system evolved that allows him to recognize the face of whoever holds it in his hand even in the dark.

Double 12 megapixel vertical camera, double optical stabilization, resistant to water and dust, in two colors: silver and black or, said to Apple, space gray and silver.

Star Wars Edition_POWERbot

A robot vacuum cleaner from Star Wars

With the new Samsung POWERbot VR7000 Star Wars Edition you fight the dark side of the dust effortlessly, in the sense that it goes around the house by itself to clean and then comes back in charge.

The robot vacuum cleaner from Samsung winks at the fans of Star Wars and dresses as Darth Vader (the black mask) and from Stormtrooper (black and white helmet).

Both models offer fun and exclusive audio effects designed according to the character, I am in limited edition and will be available in the pre-order phase from the beginning of December on the Samsung Italia online shop.


One Step 2, the new (old) Polaroid

This fall Polaroid Originals is back on the market with One Step 2, the new analog instant camera which is the worthy heir of that icon that was the original One Step.

Conceived with the same simple point-and-shoot system, is equipped with a powerful built-in flash, a long-lasting battery, a USB cable it's a self-timer timer.

More contemporary than ever, it will drive those who go crazy with the heart they remained in the eighties.


The Netflix subscription

TV series, films, documentaries: if you like to share the sofa, make a gift that will please both of you and put a tree under the tree Netflix subscription, the streaming platform that allows you to see thousands of content at any time.

Just buy one Netflix Gift Card (available in three amounts of 15, 25 or 50 euros) and decide the type of subscription (based on the number of screens on which you want to be able to use the service at the same time).

Netflix is ​​available on all popular devices connected to the network: smart TVs, TV-boxes, tablets, computers, smartphones, game consoles, Blu-Ray players, Apple TV and Chromecast and the Netflix Gift Card can be purchased from Gamestop, Esselunga, Unieuro, MediaWorld, Mondadori, Euronics and Carrefour; Sisal and Lottomatica.


A book

If you are lucky enough to have a boyfriend or husband with a passion for books, let him find under the tree a book (or even more than one) will not be trivial at all but welcome.

We have selected ten thinking about various types of man, among which you just have to find yours.

Click here for our selection of books to give to a man this Christmas.


Essenza Mini, Nespresso

Mini essence is the coffee machine Smallest Nespresso ever and it is ideal for those who do not have much storage space available in the kitchen.

On sale for a handful of weeks, it is available in two lines and in five colors: in the rectangular format in black, white and gray, in the triangular one in white, ruby ​​red and lime green.

Two buttons by express or long, ultra compact size, after nine minutes of inactivity it turns off by itself and is faster than ever to warm up to start brewing the next coffee.

Nikon School HAvana Franco Cappellari

A photographic journey to Havana

If he likes to travel and likes to take pictures kill two birds with one stone - or with a photographer, more than anything else.

Give him a Nikon School Travel, an organized trip for learn how to take pictures with the help of a professional photographer from NikonProfessional Services, who teaches in the field how to get the best photos depending on what is the photographed subject making optimal use of the equipment.

The trip is scheduled from February 26th to March 6th 2018 Havana: el alma caliente de Cuba in the company of Franco Cappellari, NPS photographer and expert traveler, who day by day will accompany the participants on an artistic walk through the streets of fascinating Havana, to capture the emotions that only the island of la Revoluciòn can give to the lens.

There will be an excursion to the Valle de Viñales, to discover the cultivation of tobacco and mogotes.

For more information and other travel ideas, refer to the website nikonschool and


An electric bike

Halfway (in use) between a bike and a moped, the electric bike is a perfect gift if your he loves cycling to work, but doesn't want to get sweaty or crumpled.

There assisted pedaling in fact it allows you to drive fast without fatigue.

Le Townie Commute Go! by Electra are created in collaboration with Bosh, have aluminum frame, Shimano Nexus Revo 8-speed gearbox and Bosch Performance 250 w motor and are available in different colors.

PX Space Grey

Some (super) headphones

PX by Bowers & Wilkins are the first wireless headphones in the range with noise cancellation according to three modes to be selected via the app: City to cross the street safely; Office to listen to what people around us are saying; Flight to completely cancel the ambient noise generated by the motors.

When wearing, light up when playback is resumed from where it left off, when you finish using them, return to stand-by mode.

By lifting one of the two pavilions, the how to answer voice calls, while hanging them around at the neck they pause the music, resuming playback when you are ready to listen to music again.

The supplied battery delivers 22 hours of playback in wireless noise canceling mode, or 33 hours with cable use.

Available in two colors: Silver and Soft Gold

Ultra Dash Camera

Ultra Dash Camera for cars

The new camera from YI Technology allows video recording and image capture in a very simple way thanks to the integrated voice control.

With a broad 140 ° wide angle lens offers an excellent field of view that it covers up to 3 lanes with minimal distortion and allows you to capture precise images of license plates and road signs without losing any detail during the ride.

The camera is integrated with Wi-Fi iso you can check the content acquired directly from the YI Dash app.

Ideal for a him car enthusiast.


A videogame

Consul already has it, video game addiction as well, so we might as well make him happy with one of the hottest titles of the season, Assassin's Creed Origins, the tenth and final chapter of the saga set among the mysteries of ancient Egypt that comes after two years of waiting.

A phenomenon game, from which it was also made a movie in 2016 starring the actors Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard.

For PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation 4, Windows PC and all Xbox One devices, including Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X.

Star wars speaker orb White

The Death Star levitating chest

Who has to do with a Star Wars fan this year has a really easy life, given the amount of themed gadgets, one more beautiful than the other.

Unmissable, for example, is it Bluetooth speaker that while reproducing high quality sound (up to six hours of playback per charge) levitates in mid-air on a magnetic platform.

A Disney masterpiece.

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