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Short, curly and long haircuts for men: trends for Autumn / Winter 2017-18
Short, curly and long haircuts for men: trends for Autumn / Winter 2017-18

Oversized tufts and hair volume for the men's cuts for the upcoming Autumn-Winter 2017-18. Discover the best hair looks with our selection

Tuft featured for i men's cuts ofAutumn / Winter 2017-18. Working on volumes is a must, and if the hedgehog is loved by the stylists who have often proposed it on the catwalks, the long hair is transformed into a hair look with unisex elegance.

For the short, the new trends know how to satisfy all tastes: between bangs, tufts and unexpected volumes, it's time to create a completely personalized style. To find yours, take a look at the galleries short, curly and long hair man and let yourself be inspired.

Short haircuts for men

Great protagonist in the short hair cuts for him it is the fringe or the over tuft worked with gels or creams to obtain volume.

The super short or minimal cut turns into a bon ton hair look when the finish is sleek. There is no shortage of proposals with wavy hair for a romantic style and retro accents; a mix of the eighties and nineties updated with a touch of irony that doesn't hurt.

If you have the short hair and you want to experience a new look, browse the gallery and find the proposal that's right for you.

Short haircuts for men F / W 2017-18

and let yourself be inspired.

Curly haircuts for men F / W 2017-18

it is clear: whether they are wavy or smooth, the hair covers the shoulders and are often divided by a central or side line, for easy-to-achieve looks. The most beautiful proposals are unisex with long tufts even when the cut is scaled.

You want to experience a new look for yours long hair? Look at the gallery and discover all the proposals of the moment.

Men's long haircuts F / W 2017-18

Waves and curls liven up the lengths for a slightly "disheveled" look.
The central line and the hair of an uneven length are ideal for those who want to give a touch of color.
A grunge mood look with wavy lengths.
If the cut is very long, you can collect the hair at the nape of the neck.
Lengths are scaled. The hair look is recommended for those with straight hair.
Very long tuft and hair that falls softly on the shoulders: a masculine cut that takes inspiration from the hair styles seen on the female catwalks.
The surfer style is transformed into a neat cut thanks to a diagonal line that separates a very long tuft from the hair.
Yet another ideal cut for both him and her.
Oversized and super smooth lengths divided by a line: it's a timeless look.

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