Isabeli Fontana: "I take the first step"
Isabeli Fontana: "I take the first step"

She had a child when she was very young, against everyone. She has been married three times and takes no lessons from anyone. The top Isabeli Fontana is a direct and passionate Brazilian. And she tells Grazia that she is used to always taking the initiative. Even in love.

"I miss you. I'm shooting the photo shoot with Grazia ": Isabeli Fontana, 33, took a moment to rest. She is doing a video call with her husband, Diego José Ferrero, 32, Brazilian singer and composer. "Now I'll introduce you to the guys who are working with me." He hands me his cell phone: "Diego, good morning," I say. "Do you know we put your latest look to the vote?" To platinum hair we prefer the dark ones, which she had when she married Isabeli last August in an atoll in the Maldives. His wife showed us the photos: a dream ceremony ». Isabeli Fontana, one of the most famous Brazilian top models, is very much in love and does not hide it. She is warm, she hugs you and makes you share in her life, even if she only met you four hours before.

Many think that those who work in the world of fashion and luxury always keep their distance. Aren't you a snob?"Never. Many people in the past have looked at me with distrust, they thought I was unreachable. They put a label on me that didn't belong to me, I suffered from it. They judged me, even hated me, without knowing me. They had created their own Isabeli, different from how they really are. In reality, I am exactly like her: a normal, direct, easygoing person ».


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Diego Ferrero, musician, is her third husband. She married him after three years of engagement. What does it represent in your life?«He is my“everything”: best friend, lover, fundamental figure for my children, a man with whom I have a very deep bond. I met him during a TV show in Brazil: he hadn't even noticed me. I was there for an interview, he to sing. I took the first step: I invited him out for dinner. Because we women know exactly what we want, we see much further than men. They are like babies: they don't know if they really love something before they try it. We already know it ».

What is special about Diego?“The other men stayed with me because they considered me a trophy. He stays with me because he loves me. It is different from the others. She is intelligent, kind and always wants to learn something new ».

Has your way of relating with men changed over the years?"Of course, you learn from your mistakes. I got pregnant when I was with my first boyfriend (the model Álvaro Jacomossi, ed): I was 20 years old and I lived in New York. People told me I had to have an abortion. In Brazil it is still illegal today. For me it was madness: I fell in love with my son as soon as I knew he was in my belly. I loved Zion's dad, but I knew it wasn't going to last forever. Life is in constant motion: there are no things that remain forever. We too are just passing through on Earth. When we die, we will leave this planet, we will go elsewhere, in the universe ".

What do you believe in?“I grew up in a Catholic family, but I don't profess any religion. I learned to meditate, I have my own spirituality. I believe in Buddhism and the Tao, because they have taught me to feel good every day. I don't live for a distant tomorrow, but for what is here and now ».

Morning Jeri

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And what was Isabeli like as a girl?“I had more male friends than females, because women are too competitive. They waste a lot of energy to confront each other on the physical aspect, the shoes, the clothes. They kept me away. I never wanted to be pretty, but that's how I was born: I couldn't change. That's why I learned to be a rebellious bad boy, trusting only my heart. Then I became a convinced feminist, because I believe that women should help each other, not challenge each other constantly ».

What kind of mom is she?“I had a son when I wasn't really an adult yet. The educational model that my parents had had was: "If you do one thing well, I give you a reward." But that's not the right strategy: if you're good at school, do your homework, you don't have to be rewarded. Raising a child is not easy, so at one point I asked a psychologist for help. From her I learned to make my children responsible, not to decide for them. My father, on the other hand, always told me what to do. And this has distanced me from him to the point that now I don't talk to him anymore. Instead, I pass on to my children the great values ​​of life and I try to make them proud of who they are: only if they love themselves can they be happy ».

Did she ever feel alone?“Sometimes yes, when I had to fight against my whole family to defend what I believe in. Maybe that's why I found Diego: we think the same way ».

He now lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Why didn't she stay in the United States?“We lived well in America, but I wanted my children to have a good education because as a child I had attended a bad public school in Brazil, where people were promoted even without knowing how to read. But none of the 18 New York schools I tried to enroll Zion in accepted it. He did not know English and was not used to obeying without being explained to him the reason for each order. I had to find a plan b: I returned to Brazil and "kidnapped" my grandmother. She takes care of my children. It spoils them a little, but we love it very much. And they attend the best American schools in the country ».


She is also engaged in social battles. For example, he fought for the polio vaccination campaign. Do you know that a controversy about vaccines has broken out in Italy? There are those who, fearing serious consequences for the health of their children, prefer not to immunize children. What do you think of it?"I went to India and visited a hospital where some boys affected by polio were hospitalized. It was a chilling experience. When I saw them, I was filled with unspeakable sadness. Those who are afraid of vaccines do not realize how important they are in stopping atrocious diseases. In Europe these pathologies have apparently been defeated and those who live in the old continent think they are safe. But if the population no longer immunizes, it is enough for an individual affected by the virus to arrive here for an outbreak to break out. Too easy to be against vaccines when you have never seen a person affected by a serious infectious disease with your own eyes ».

Today Brazil is going through a very difficult period. The president, Michel Temer, has been officially charged with corruption: they say he took bribes from a meat industry company, obstructed justice and was part of a criminal organization. Has your country not yet come out of a dark period?“We are suffering and struggling to clean the house we live in, which is infested with rot. Every Brazilian would like to have an opportunity, but he can't because we live in a country that is too corrupt. Fortunately, thanks to the internet, each of us can find out what's going on. They removed President Dilma Rousseff, but nothing has changed: Michel Temer would also be corrupt. The only positive thing is that we have learned to be happy even without having anything ".


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But social media is also criticized. For example, there are those who believe that US President Donald Trump uses it only to tell his truth. Don't you find it dangerous?«Trump is smart, he doesn't want journalists to control his life and he knows that his Twitter profile can be more powerful than the CNN TV network. He is convinced that the United States can still grow and have a heyday. I don't know if everything he says is right, but he is a successful man, an anomalous politician who in part I believe is doing something good ».

For a moment I stop asking her questions: the hair stylist has to fix her hair and comb it back. She stops him and says: "No, I prefer them a little Brazilian, sexy".

At the age of 16, she made people talk by posing for the Victoria's Secret lingerie brand catalog. Is being uninhibited part of Brazilian culture?"Perhaps. In my country we are not ashamed of our bodies. Accept yourself as you are: it is the first step to be happy. And if you don't like yourself, you have to find a way to love yourself, perhaps even by changing something about yourself. After giving birth to my children, for example, my breasts were sagging and I was not happy: I asked a plastic surgeon for help to reshape them. For me it was normal: a little touch up to love myself again ».


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