The essential costumes of Lido
The essential costumes of Lido

We tell you about the swimwear collection of the Venetian designer

Through the photos of Claudia Zalla let's discover the universe of Lido, the beachwear brand created a year ago by Daria Stankiewicz, designer of Polish origin, Venetian by adoption.

What is most striking in his costumes is the essentiality of the forms. Just as she herself tells us, in fact, the goal is to make the costume a sort of Linus blanket, just like that blue sweater or that white t-shirt.

A summer passepartout to never forget at home.

Lido – Claudia Zalla

What prompted you to create a beachwear line?

I simply love the summer, the sea, the beaches and if I could I would live all year round in a warm place. At the same time, I don't understand why the vision of 'swimwear' is totally detached from the common perception of urban clothing. For this reason I developed this very strong desire to create swimwear that was for women like the favorite black sweater or the perfect white t-shirt - a plain colored garment, super simple, comfortable, elegant and timeless.

Lido – Claudia Zalla 2

Lido's image is defined, minimal and elegant. How much does it reflect you?

Very. In reality, more than minimal I like to think that Lido's aesthetics are simple, essential and elegant but in a discreet way.

Lido – Claudia Zalla 3

What are the difficulties you encountered in the creation of the first collection?

The biggest difficulty is certainly working alone; to anyone who takes this path I would recommend before anything to start looking for a partner. Secondly, finding just, reliable and punctual suppliers is very difficult when you are so young; arriving from nowhere very often you are not taken seriously, which risks greatly compromising the final quality of the product, so you have to keep every detail under strict control and never take anything for granted.

Lido – Claudia Zalla 4

The greatest satisfaction so far?

It still seems surreal to me that so many costumes today are actually in the suitcase or wardrobe of hundreds of girls and ladies; also some of them bought the same in multiple colors as much as they liked to wear it. The biggest surprise, however, was the one-piece swimsuit with the crossed back (model Uno): it finished well before the beginning of the summer and I certainly did not expect such a result!

Lido – Claudia Zalla 5

We said essential lines, sober silhouettes. What's your idea of ​​femininity today?

Today the woman is metropolitan, the protagonist of her life, dynamic, enterprising and she needs to find a few key items in clothing with versatile and comfortable silhouettes with which to feel at ease. There are too many options and too low quality in the market today. I would like to reflect all this in the bathing suit.

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