Sara Sampaio: "A strong woman doesn't pretend"
Sara Sampaio: "A strong woman doesn't pretend"

Top model, Victoria's Secret angel and Pinko's new face. Sara Sampaio is never afraid to show herself. Because she has learned, she tells Grazia, that the best way to feel beautiful is to stop wanting to be like everyone else.

If there is one thing that Sara Sampaio she always does and it is evident from the photos she posts on Instagram to her more than five million followers, here, if there is one thing that distinguishes her in a sea of ​​brunette models, it is that she smiles. But always-always. Proof that the time of pouting too underweight is over, and we hope it will never come back. Spectacular body with the right muscles, perfect lips, iridescent eyes and contagious smile, Sara, 25, carries high the flag of healthy and happy models, who do not take themselves too seriously. Her talent for the profession is evident both when she shows off (and she does it for many: Giambattista Valli, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, Alberta Ferretti, Moschino, Ermanno Scervino, Dolce & Gabbana) and when she poses for advertising campaigns, such as that of Pinko di which will be the next protagonist. It is also evident from the interviews, because when she talks about Portugal her eyes light up and when she tells you that she is watching all the films with Angelina Jolie she tells you in the tone that a true fan would use. At last Cannes Film Festival, Sara showed up on the red carpet in a very transparent white dress by Francesco Scognamiglio: from behind, you could see the lingerie and the butt in good evidence. Scandal? If it were someone else, maybe yes, but with her the word doesn't even exist, just as there is no vulgarity: "On the red carpet, the focus must be on the dress, so I don't wear a bra and I only wear a thong. In the linen services I have no problem showing myself, as long as there is respect around me. In the end it is all a matter of confidence and connection between the model and the photographer. Some make you feel good and you sense that you can trust them, with others I would never think about it ».

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It cannot be said that it is not sincere. Between a selfie, a cover, a photo together with the other angels ofVictoria's Secrets, on his profile Instagramevery now and then her boyfriend, Oliver Ripley, an entrepreneur who looks like a movie star, also peeps out. The two have been together for almost a year and perhaps the secret of all those smiles must also be sought here. She was born in Portugal. Tell me about your land and its beauties.“I know I'm biased, of course, but Portugal is the most beautiful country in the world. The food, the people, the energy that you breathe: it is a truly special place. We have incredible mountains and beautiful beaches, not to mention lakes and hills. In short, we have everything ». How did you start your modeling career?«At 16 I won a competition. As a reward, they offered me a contract with a Portuguese agency. The rest is history ».

What kind of childhood did you have? Did your passion for fashion start as a child?"I did a lot of sports, studied music, went to school in winter and to the sea in summer. Nothing extraordinary. I was not interested in fashion, I didn't know anything about it and in fact, if people saw some of my looks at the time, they would have a lot to say ».


The work of a supermodel when viewed from the outside looks wonderful. It's really like this? What is the most beautiful aspect?“Probably traveling and the chance to visit incredible places and meet extraordinary people. And then economic independence should not be underestimated, the possibility of creating a career and managing it like a true business woman from a young age ". However, around the life of the models, there is also a lot of myth. What do you think people don't understand or know about your work? “That it's not all as glamorous as it seems. When we shoot on a tropical beach it doesn't mean we're on vacation. Many of the countries and cities that I have visited, I have only seen them from inside a photographic studio. The other aspect that many ignore is loneliness: you take planes alone, arrive at the hotel alone, eat alone. Of course, then on the set you work with a lot of people, but often they are people you see once and then never again. When the work is done, you go back to your room alone, eat alone again and take the plane alone to go home or to go to another place the next day, where you repeat the same procedure. And this lasts, sometimes, for months. People think we move as a group, but we don't. " Yes, the impression is also that often the models are all friends with each other. In fact, I ask myself: how do you do it with competition? Have you ever lost a job because maybe it went to a friend of yours? And in that case, what happens?“Of course it happened to me. Its part of the game. It often happens when your friends are also successful models, it is normal. And when it happens you can't take it personally, also because once you lose your job, the next time maybe you get it and a friend of yours loses it. You win and lose, as always in life ».Who are your friends in the fashion world?«The models Sadie Newman, Shlomit Malka, Josephine Skriver, Jasmine Tookes and Lais Ribeiro».

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If you were to indicate a turning point in your career, what would it be?«I don't know if there has ever been, I see my life as a set of small steps that slowly led me to where I am, indeed, where I wanted. Obviously becoming one of the angels of the Victoria's Secret underwear brand was one of the goals that allowed me to be known ".Because?“It's a show that has become part of popular culture. It is difficult to say exactly what is special about it, because it is the whole thing that is special. As a model you feel part of a group of extraordinary women, but also of a large family ». Is beauty in itself a way to gain self-confidence?"I think not worrying about what other people think about your physical appearance is the highest demonstration of any woman's strength." How do you keep fit?«I try to stick to a balanced diet and I work out in the gym 3-4 times a week. I prefer to achieve balance rather than go from one excess to another ".


Should a model take care of her body in the same way an athlete does? «I really was an athlete, as a child. I have practiced swimming and karate and have competed in high level competitions. Today I have friends who are professional sportsmen and, if I compare what I do with what they do, I must say that no, I cannot consider myself an athlete. I train, but I don't reach those levels of intensity ».

He studied mathematics at the university. What did you like about this faculty?"I have always loved mathematics, for me the fascinating aspect is that, when you are dealing with numbers, there is no room for interpretation: something is either right or wrong. I really appreciate this type of security ». How do you imagine your future? Is it true that you would like to go to the cinema?"Yes, I really want to become an actress. This is how I see myself in the future and it is the next goal I am working on ».


And the web? Do you like social media? "Yes and no. I think they're an amazing tool to keep in touch with friends and fans, but they're also full of negative people who spend their days saying horrible things about others. I try to ignore the latter, I focus only on the positive aspects ». There are many young girls who look to her as an example. Do you feel this kind of responsibility?“I know what I do can have an effect on those who follow me and I try to be aware of it, but I don't ask anyone to be like me. In fact, I think everyone should be the best version of themselves, not someone else's. " What would you say to a girl you don't like?“To focus on the positive things about herself, to look at what she has and not what she doesn't have. Positivity is our North Star ».Can you learn so much self-confidence?“You can pretend to be strong. But you have to feel real security inside. It can be done".

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