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Being kind is good for health and improves life
Being kind is good for health and improves life

Science says that being kind has many benefits in life: this is why, if you are, you will have advantages in work and with your health (physical and mental)

Kindness is the highest form of education and respect towards other people, it allows us to have a more positive image of us And create positive energy.

In short, once tried, you never leave it.

The power of kindness it arises precisely from the fact that with a smile or with a simple gesture we can transform positively someone's day e feel proud of ourselves.

The contagion is exponential And optimism it will be one of the very first consequences of your kind gestures.

We give you 4 good reasons to be kind and reap the benefits.

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You'll be better off with yourself

Kindness has a boomerang effect: the more you are kind to others, the more others will be with you and the more you will feel better.

If you will make kind gestures, in fact, you will get used to noticing when others do them in turn and you will become more aware of positivity that you have around.

You will enjoy all of this so much that you will unwittingly continue to increase your kindness.

But beware of false kindness, you can see it from miles away (and in this case the boomerang effect is worth double!).

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Improve health

If you will be nice and you will try to be well disposed, you will reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

In fact, researchers from the National Institute on Aging in Baltimore verified that subjects with more competitive and aggressive temperament they tend to develop a more easily thickening of the carotids which would result in a risk of heart attack and stroke up to 40%.

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Helps in the work

Kindness will make you work better and you can too keep the job longer than a grumpy person.

Research from North Carolina State University showed how, in a working group, a boss who treats his employees with kindness will get better results thanks to the climate of confidence that drives you to work harder.

Another study by the University of Notre Dame instead showed that people are kinder they are also the most pleasant and therefore less subject to dismissal.

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It is an excellent defense

Anger calls anger. AND kindness calls for calm.

If a person is very angry, try to respond using the weapon of kindness, you will surely have more hope of resolving the matter thorny in less time.

The reason? The other person's brain will register a totally different style of communication from the angry one he was using and will be forced to adapt to the same style.

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