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Color horoscope: here's what color makes you better
Color horoscope: here's what color makes you better

Do you know the Colorstrology? It is the new frontier of the horoscope: at each month of birth a color that defines personality traits and improves mood

If you have always referred to the Zodiac sign to recognize i distinctive personality traits, get ready to get passionate about a new discipline that intends to do the same: the Colorstrology.

Born from crasis of the words color and astrology, this system, conceived by astrologer and numerologist Michele Bernhardt, combines the sun sign and guiding planet of an individual with the numerology and astrology to assign each one a Pantone color for every day of the year.

Not only that: because Bernhardt has also divided some macro-categories according to the month of birth, associating each with a specific shade.

His directions, more than telling us who we are, indicate what we need most:

"I have established a color for each month that can help you feel more balanced", he explained to Popsugar.

Each nuance has an energy, which can be exploited in different ways, even by those born in a different period, for instance painting the walls of home or wearing clothes the color we would need.

Here, month by month, i colors suggested according to the Colorstrology.

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pantone caramel


Color: Caramel

Features: Logical, pragmatic, self-confident, with no crickets in his head

Meaning: This color encourages you to follow your ambitions, with perseverance and discipline

When to use it: When you need to feel stable and responsible

pantone sheer lilac


Color: Sheer Lilac

Features: Stimulating, imaginative, ingenious, uplifting

Meaning: This color helps us to grasp the spiritual side of people and allows us to perceive friends and people around us as a family

When to use it: When you feel entangled and unmotivated

pantone fair aqua


Color: Fair Aqua

Features: Empathetic, intuitive, discreet

Meaning: Dreamy and surreal, this color helps people navigate between conscious and subconscious

When to use it: When you need inspiration, the right intuition or when you need to cheer up

pantone cayenne


Color: Cayenne

Features: Proud, energetic, passionate, courageous

Meaning: It supports your enthusiasm and desire for success and can give you the right boost in competitions

When to use it: When you want a recharge of energy, boldness and courage

pantone bud green


Color: Bud Green

Features: Stable, prosperous, rejuvenating

Meaning: Vital and reassuring, this is the color of balance and healing

When to use it: When you need to balance strength and substance

pantone aspen gold


Color: Aspen Gold

Features: Stimulating, enlightening, positive, uplifting

Meaning: This color is linked to light, to the sun and for this reason it releases energy and movement

When to use it: When to need help stimulating memory and communication skills

pantone coral blush


Color: Color Blush

Features: Kind, nourishing, receptive

Meaning: This color leads back to feminine energy, love and sweetness

When to use it: When you need to experience new emotions or to receive love and sweetness from others, especially after periods of severe change or trauma

pantone sun orange


Color: Sun Orange

Features: Radiant, powerful, self-confident

Meaning: Imposing and regal, this color is related to strength and grandeur

When to use it: When you feel little stimulated and with self-esteem under your feet and you need a shot of adrenaline and creativity

pantone baja blue


Color: Baja Blue

Features: Insightful, creative, wise

Meaning: This is an attractive, inviting color, which is associated with beauty, purity and common sense

When to use it: When you need peace of mind, to organize your life and to put things right

pantone cerulean


Color: Cerulean

Features: Calm, balanced, comforting, relaxing

Meaning: This color embodies the essence of peace and serenity as well as inspiring strength and decision

When to use it: When you try to get some peace of mind and stability by balancing what you give with what you receive

pantone claret red


Color: Claret Red

Features: Passionate, motivated, intense

Meaning: This color inspires strength, love, depth

When to use it: When you need to get through a moment of transition, to remove emotional blocks or a passionate drive

pantone pagoda blue


Color: Blue Pagoda

Features: Enlightening, wise, aware

Meaning: Deep and thoughtful, this color indicates common sense, truth and optimism

When to use it: When you travel, explore or want new adventures and discover something mystical

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