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David and Victoria Beckham in crisis? Here's what's going on
David and Victoria Beckham in crisis? Here's what's going on

The British tabloids talk about nothing but the crisis between David and Victoria Beckham, despite them trying to deny: this is what is happening

David and Victoria Beckham according to the British tabloids would be separated at home

This is the news that has stood out on any gossip site for days, after some revelations that they would like them strongly in crisis, despite having recently celebrated the 18th wedding anniversary.

British newspapers are divided between who they claim the couple is arrived at the terminus And who instead denies, showing photos of the former footballer and the stylist out and about together.

Here's how things stand.

David and Victoria separated at home

According to The Sun magazine, David and Victoria would be going through a period of crisis which has been going on for months now.

In particular, the tabloid claims that the former footballer and the stylist they would live apart while sharing the same roof.

Everyone would have its wing of the house to have their own autonomy without arousing the suspicions of the paparazzi.

At the base of the misunderstandings there would be a different lifestyle, which led them to drift further and further away.

David bored

“David hasn't never had so much free time and above all the ability to do what he wants, despite success in business.

He is a loving father and spends most of his time with his children, but he still hasn't gotten used to life without the workout routine of football.

To be honest he is quite bored», We read in The Sun.

Busy Victoria

On the other hand, again according to the statements of sources close to the couple, Victoria would be increasingly into her fashion house:

“He's working like never before and he is incredibly focused on running her company and on being a good mother and worker,”it reads.

This, however, prevents her from being by her husband's side as he would like, to go out in the evening and participate in parties until late at night and be present next to him on the red carpet.

In fact, many have noticed the absence of the former Spice Girl at the premiere of "King Arthur", film in which David has a small part.

The good life of David

It would be right the lifestyle of the former footballer not to go down in Victoria.

The fact that the husband has all that free time would push him to walking around late into the night having fun between one party and another:

“Spends a lot of evenings out with Gardner, Alexa Chung and Poppy Delevingne, which Victoria doesn't like.

It is no secret that she not a fan of many of her friends", Reveals a source, who explains:

“It's not just about Dave, Poppy and Alexa. In the past she has also had problems with Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, as well as with Charlize Theron.

David has many companies with whom he leaves when he knows that Victoria is not there.

Obviously he would have no objection if she decided to go out with them, but it just doesn't happen”.

The Becks' reaction to the rumors of crisis

Following the rumors about their life as a couple, David and Victoria showed up more often together.

This weekend the couple was spotted at dinner in the company of Eva Longoria and her husband Jose Antonio Baston in Los Angeles.

The next day the former Spice and the former footballer have had lunch out with his son Romeo, while a few days earlier they had been immortalized as they left the house in a Bentley.

Not only that: the two for weeks already they do nothing but appear in each other's Instagram Stories.

Eighteen years of gossip

In favor of the couple there is also to say that periodically someone comes up who claims that the two are living apart.

Ever since they got together David and Victoria have always been on top of the wave, which is why every entry on their account was selling copies after copies.

Over the years everything has been said, especially about it alleged betrayals of the former footballer.

They have always come out as winners, continuing to be together and celebrating their eighteenth anniversary on July 4th.

A moment that the former Manchester United captain wanted to share with fans on Instagram, with one photos of their early days together accompanied by the caption:

“Wow, we really did it! Happy anniversary to a wonderful wife, mom and business woman. I love you".

A marriage that is worth an empire

Despite everything, there are still those who claim that the two have been at loggerheads for some time now and that theirs is only one staging to hide the truth.

Specifically, The Sun claims the couple is separated in the house since 2015 and that for this Victoria did not participate with David in the wedding of his friend Guy Ritchie and did not appear recently on the red carpet of his film.

According to the tabloid, there would be too much money and interest.

For this the two would continue to make the best of a bad situation, keeping up appearances and continuing to run their business as a couple.

In fact, it has been calculated that the their heritage is richer than that of Queen Elizabeth and amount to 508 million pounds (more than 600 million euros).

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