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Bianca Balti: diet, tricks and beauty secrets
Bianca Balti: diet, tricks and beauty secrets

From skin care to diet, through sports and selfies, here are Bianca Balti's secrets of style and beauty

Bianca Balti is the most famous Italian model in the world. Her spontaneity also makes her one of the nicest, loved by both male and female audiences, precisely for that way of doing and communicating always cheerful and easy-going.

It matters little that it has trod the catwalks of half the planet and has posed for the most famous photographers in everyday life Bianca is a soap and water girl, who loves being without makeup and playing on the floor with her little girls.

This is what made her so popular even among women, the fact that with them, through social media, she shares moments of everyday life, out of the spotlight and glitter of fashion.

We sifted through his interviews for steal some of his secrets.

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bianca balti viso

Skin care

«I drink a lot, a lot of water. Lately I leave a cucumber to infuse overnight, so the next day I can drink that flavored water it becomes a kind of draining drink.

And then I try to keep the skin as clean and hydrated as possible.

Right now I'm crazy about oils, I discovered them during pregnancy to combat stretch marks and now I am obsessed.

I use them for the body, but also for the hair. They make me feel like I've just come out of a spa ».

bianca balti make up

Make up

Just take a look at the Instagram profile of Bianca Balti to understand how in everyday life he prefers to leave his natural face:

“When I'm wearing makeup, I feel like I have a mask on. For work I like it, because it allows me to become another person, but in everyday life no.

It's nice when I come home after a photo shoot because I feel beautiful and different for my boyfriend, but if not I prefer not to put anything.

Even for dinners I only wear a veil of foundation and at most a little mascara ».

However, at least at work, he has stolen a secret:

“I apply everything with my fingers. From foundation to eyeshadow, but also lipstick. I've seen it done by many make-up artists ».

bianca balti amfar

Bianca Balti's hair

Beyond the products (as already mentioned, use oil to moisturize them), White would like to be able to dare more with her hair, as she did before becoming a model, when she colored them or shaved them at will:

“I've tried everything, I shaved half my head, I had hair of all colors.

Then I started working in fashion and I had to quit because when you model they want you with long hair, so they can do what they want.

But at least now I can have fun with Mia, my youngest daughter. Matilde (the older one, 9 years old, ed) won't let me."

bianca balti spiaggia

Bianca Balti's diet

The model has always stated of never having followed a strict diet, not even when at 20 she walked for Victoria's Secret.

Even now that she has become a mother for the second time she does not let herself be too influenced, even if she admitted that she needs to pay more attention to what she eats:

“I come from a thin family and I am thin in constitution. But with the second pregnancy I realized that my metabolism has changed and so now I'm paying attention to the power supply and I exercise every morning.

If I'm around I eat whatever happens, because I don't feel like being difficult and then if I'm out to dinner with other people and I see the food in front of me, I can't resist, I have to eat.

On the contrary, I'm usually the one who brushes other people's dishes too.

If I'm at home, however, I try to feed myself well, I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, little salt and smaller portions».

What Bianca would never give up is breakfast:

“I can't do without coffee and milk, although lately I prefer it with rice or coconut milk. Then I accompany it with something healthy, although sometimes, especially in Paris, I allow myself a croissant».

bianca balti gravidanza

Life after pregnancy

«I was not a sportswoman before and it wasn't easy to get back in shape after my second pregnancy, but I was determined to get back to my best for my job and the people who invested in me.

They are the reason why I got the chance to be a young mother without having to worry about the financial aspect.

I started working out twice a day and eating right, cutting down on portions

When I was pregnant I didn't limit myself in anything and I ate too much, so reducing the quantities was the hardest part.

But being a mom made me stronger and I made it, it took a whole year, but now I am proud of myself ».

bianca balti


there how Bianca Balti trains to stay fit:

«I have a personal trainer who follows me and keeps me in line, at least makes me do it 20 minutes of cardio with the step and then weights and free body.

After pregnancy I had to work a lot on the butt, is the one that has expanded the most.

But I like to train a lot even outdoors and I do it as soon as I can.

I love cycling and long walks on the beach. And then in Marbella, where I live, there are many parks with the tools to do some exercise paths ».


Bianca Balti style icon

Last year a survey conducted by Boccadamo Lab on the occasion of Women's Day crowned her as the woman that the Italians are most inspired by in terms of style, surpassing even divas like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.

Its strengths? His elegance, his class and his bearing. Despite the simplicity, Bianca is never out of place or scruffy.

In everyday life he prefers jeans and t-shirts, without too many frills. On the red carpet it transforms, but without ever exaggerating.

bianca balti selfie

The secret to the perfect selfie

«It is the light that makes the difference. It has the power to change the photo and make it magnificent or terrible.

When you take a selfie, do some rehearsal changing angle and exposure to see which perspective is best based on how the light falls on your face.

That's it the only real secret to looking your best ».

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