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Miss Dior invites you to celebrate the fragrance that smells of love during exclusive events
Miss Dior invites you to celebrate the fragrance that smells of love during exclusive events

So Christian Dior had imagined the perfume Miss Dior, created in 1947 to represent the New Look, today the protagonist of a (R) evolution which makes it even more feminine and lively, by François Demachy.

Miss Dior, a declaration of floral love that revolutionizes emotions, is the protagonist of acharitable initiative of the Maison that starts from Demachy's answer to the question that will be the focus of a special Love Chain, the chain of love that Dior has launched since the end of August.

And you, what would you do for love?

And you, what would you do for love?

"For love? What would I not do? I would do the impossible and go beyond all limits. Like Miss Dior!" Demachy said.

Then the famous Dior testimonials were added who enriched the initial phase of the Love Chain with their stories: Natalie Portman, Jennifer Lawrence, Bella Hadid and Robert Pattinson are just some of the celebs who on the Instagram profile @diorparfums they will answer this powerful question by telling what they would do for love and thus opening the way to a worldwide charitable chain in which anyone can participate.

Just create your own creative content, with a video or a photo through which you can answer the question "And you, what would you do for love?", adding the hashtag #diorlovechain

For each post published on Instagram containing these hashtags, Christian Dior Parfums will donate $ 1 to the organization WE, with whom Natalie Portman collaborates, to support the right to education of young women in over 45 countries around the world.

The sharing of love in which everyone can take part does not only pass through social media, but lives during a series of exclusive events to which they are all invited.


Take part in exclusive Dior events

In the wake of the olfactory notes - intriguing, suggestive, lively and impetuous - of the new Eau de Parfum Miss Dior, a series of exclusive events come to life to celebrate the most powerful feeling of all.

It will be thelove the theme of these special events and everyone can contribute to spreading it through the Love Wall, an interactive screen with which to create your own love message.

You will fall in love with the notes of Miss Dior at the Love Corner, the Fragrances Bar where you can discover the new Eau de Parfum, and it will be possible to receive a personalized make-up at the station Love Make-Up, an ideal corner to spread all the love through the nuances and textures of the Maison's make-up.

Among surprises, cocktails, special guests and influencers, there will also be The Love Magazine, a corner dedicated to Grace, where you can browse the latest issue of the magazine.

Come and discover Miss Dior and declare your love to love

Milan - 21 September - Sephora, Vittorio Emanuele II - with the influencer Laura Grampa

Turin - 22 September - Amoretti, Peschiera, 265 - with the influencer Clara Nanut

Messina - 5 October - Brand, via Maddalena, 47 - with the influencer Virginia Varinelli

Arese - October 19 - Douglas, via Giuseppe Eugenio Luraghi, 11 (Arese cc commercial) - with the influencer Claudia Ciocca

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