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And what would you do for love? The Dior Love Chain on the notes of the new Miss Dior fragrance
And what would you do for love? The Dior Love Chain on the notes of the new Miss Dior fragrance

It is the most powerful feeling, capable of moving mountains and draining oceans, capable of making even the most cynical people do the impossible.

Not surprisingly, it is the sentiment chosen by Dior to represent the new charity campaign that will come to life from the end of August.

A'solidarity initiative which will start from the message of the Maison's star testimonials - among others Natalie Portman, Bella Hadid, Jennifer Lawrence And Robert Pattinson - who will reply on the channel Instagram @diorparfums precisely to this question, giving way to one chain of love without borders that will involve everyone.

Countryside Love Chain is inextricably linked to "fragrance that smells of love", as Christian Dior defined it: Miss Dior, a symbol of femininity, vivacity and audacity.

Created in 1947, it relives in 2017 through a new floral statement created by Fran├žois Demachy to enhance the charm of the woman who is not afraid of anything, remaining a fragrance true to itself, but fading into even more lively olfactory notes.

Miss Dior is the fragrance that it smells of love, suitable for today's women.

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And you, what would you do for love?

Dior asks this of you, making you an important part and beating heart of the Love Chain.

Just create a short video or a photo in your turn where you tell in the way you prefer (even for example by singing or drawing) what you would do for love, posting it on your Instagram channel.

Christian Dior Parfums will donate $ 1 for each post on Instagram with the hashtag #diorlovechain and will donate the proceeds to the organization WE, in partnership with Natalie Portman, with the aim of educating young women in 45 countries around the world. For more information, visit

Anyone can participate in the chain of love and contribute to spreading the noblest sentiment that characterizes man.

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