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Angelina Jolie first talks about divorce and health problems
Angelina Jolie first talks about divorce and health problems

Angelina Jolie talks for the first time about the difficulties of the last year after the divorce from Brad Pitt and her health problems

For Angelina Jolie it hasn't been easy to face this last year. The divorce from Brad Pitt upset his life and that of theirs six children, for the suddenness with which it happened and for the media fuss that ensued.

Not that she regretted it, but certainly his body reacted to the stress accumulated, as he told in one long interview for the US edition of Vanity Fair.

The star opened up, reviewing different aspects of his life, fromcurrent relationship with Brad Pitt to his sense of protection for i sons, up to his Health problems.

Here's what emerged.

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About the children

“It was the most difficult time of my life and only now we are catching our breath. This house was a big leap forward for us, we are trying to do our best to recover », confides Angelina, who also explains how her experience as a daughter of divorcees has influenced her in managing the situation.

“I was always worried about my mother, even growing up. I don't want my kids to have to worry about me.

I think it is important crying in the shower instead of in front of them. They need to know that everything will be fine even when you are not sure ».


Angelina Jolie's health problems

During the interview Angelina confessed that she suffered from hypertension and to have been affected by Bell's palsy, a neurological disorder that causes the half face paralysis:

“Sometimes women in the family put themselves in the last place, as long as this it does not affect their health», Explained the star, claiming to have recovery thanks to acupuncture after a period of hospitalization.

Also for this she no longer considers herself a sex symbol, but «a strong woman, I feel more confident in my choices, I am putting family first and I feel I have my life and my health in hand. I think that's what makes a woman complete."

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Early menopause

Speaking of his health problems, Angelina also took a step back, retracing the moment she made the decision to undergo one double preventive mastectomy after learning that they have the BRCA1 gene.

According to what the star told, two years later, while she was working with Brad Pitt on By the Sea, her doctor called her expressing concern about some levels that emerged from the blood tests that led to believe that could have cancer.

After a few tests, she found she was not sick: «I fell to my knees», she confessed, telling of having chosen at that time to also remove the ovaries.

«I was happy to have the operation. At that point it was prevention »

With the operation, Angelina went through menopause.

Now hear that his body is changing, "But I can't tell if it's menopause or the year I've been through."

The relationship with Brad Pitt

During the interview Angelina did not want to explain what caused her marriage to end and did not therefore no reference to the quarrel on the plane, which would also have involved his son Maddox.

The star, on the other hand, simply said that things hadn't worked for a year already: «They were going badly. In fact I don't want to use this word. Let's say things have become difficult ».

After a first stormy period, now between her and Brad Pitt there seems to be some peace:

“We take care of each other and we care about our family. We are working to achieve the same objectives ».

The adoption of Maddox

Just talking about the eldest son, Maddox, Angelina told how their relationship was special right from the start.

When he made the decision to adopt, the actress visited an orphanage in Battambang province, but walking through the corridors and meeting the children did not feel the feelings he hoped to feel:

“I didn't feel a connection with any of them. Then they told me there was yet another child. When I saw it I started crying and I couldn't stop ».

Focused on the family

In the course of the interview, Jolie explained how at this moment she wants taking a break from work and dedicating herself to her children:

“I just want to make breakfast and keep the house tidy. It's my passion. And at the request of my boys, i am taking cooking lessons. When I go to bed in the evening I wonder if I'm doing a good job as a mother or if it's been an average day."

The father is also part of the plan, Jon Voight, with whom Angelina had broken off all relations. Now, instead, they decided to reconcile, just for the sake of the boys:

“He was very good at understanding that they needed a grandfather Right now".

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