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Metallic eye makeup: the most beautiful looks for Fall / Winter 2017-19
Metallic eye makeup: the most beautiful looks for Fall / Winter 2017-19

To illuminate the eyes, the most glamorous solution of the moment is a metallic eye make-up. We have chosen the most precious beauty looks for you

From gold to silver to black and purple, color your eyes for it Autumn winter with some metallic shades. The eye make-up is enriched with light and gleams thanks to eye shadows with a brilliant finish that put the eye in the foreground.

If you would like a metallic eye makeup that does not go unnoticed, mix several shades, for example by combining a darker one with a golden or silver powder to create an elegant three-dimensional make-up.

In addition to inspiration from the catwalks, we also recommend the best eyeshadows - from palettes to mono, from powder solutions to liquid ones - to replicate beauty looks. Choose your favorite!

Smokey eyes sparkling black

The look is made deep by a black powder enriched with a cascade of 3D glitter. The recommended product: Vamp! Sparkling Eyashadow in 002 Luxury Black by Pupa is a real infusion of very fine sparkling pearls.

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The evergreen color among all the metallic nuances? The silver that is even more precious when combined with glitter and light points.The recommended product: Full Metal Shadow in Eau d'Argent 2 by Yves Saint Laurent is an easy to apply and long lasting liquid eyeshadow.



Not one, not two but at least three shades: one in the lower rhyme, the other, darker, on the entire mobile lid and on the outside, finally a metal accent in the center. The recommended product: Perfect Smokey Eye Palette Metal by Deborah Milano with five coordinated eyeshadow shades with a soft texture and a very intense color release.



Gold is always among the most popular shades. Very glam when paired with a line of black eyeliner. The recommended product: Metal glam in Golden Eye by Essence, a powder with an intense texture.


Iridescent purple

Purple is also back in vogue for this Autumn. Our advice? Blend it with a dull light brown. The recommended product: Moondust in Extragalactic by Urban Decay, rich in ultra-fine glitter.


Brushstrokes of coppery gold

Pure gold with coppery reflections, which makes the gaze magnetic. Irregular strokes of color on the eyes will not make you go unnoticed. The recommended product: Gold Fusion Liquid Eyeshadow by Diego Dalla Palma is an eye shadow with a fluid texture, water-based, with a very covering line and an intense and copper metallic effect. It adheres well but is easy to remove.


Silver outlines

A different way to apply eyeshadow? Along the contour of the eye, making the look deeper with the help of a black mine to define. The recommended product: Moondust in Moonspoon by Urban Decay ensures a sparkling three-dimensional effect.


Full metal color

Light purple for a softer but always very bright result. The recommended product: Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow by Stila is a cream eyeshadow in powder with a multidimensional metal finish.


Frozen effect

For a frost-chic finish, choose an ice-colored powder. The recommended product: Diorshow Mono in Infinity is a super pigmented eyeshadow that charges the eye with light.

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