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Justin Bieber cancels the Purpose Tour: here's what's happening
Justin Bieber cancels the Purpose Tour: here's what's happening

Justin Bieber has announced that he will not continue with the next stages of his tour: here's why

Justin Bieber has canceled the upcoming dates of his Purpose World Tour. The singer was supposed to perform this Saturday in Dallas, to then touch other cities in the United States before flying to Asia, but he has frozen the fans who have been waiting for him for months with the news of thecancellation of future stages.

The reasons, officially, are unknown, since on the note of his Facebook page you can read a generic "Due to unforeseen circumstances". And from here the speculations on what may have prompted the pop star to forfeit.

Meanwhile, the network is divided between those who attack him, claiming to make fun of the fans, and those who absolve him, worried about his health.

Here's what's going on

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justin bieber annuncio

The announcement on Justin Bieber's Facebook page

This is the note that appeared on the singer's official page:

"Due to sudden circumstances, Justin Bieber will cancel the remaining dates of the Purpose World Tour.

Justin loves his fans and hates to let them down. He thanks his fans for the incredible experience of the Purpose World Tour in over 18 months.

He is grateful and honored to have shared this experience with his cast and crew over the course of over 150 shows across 6 continents, it was a fantastic experience.

In any case, after thinking about it for a long time, he decided that no other concerts will be held. All tickets purchased will be refunded ».

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Around the world in 18 months

Justin Bieber's tour akicked off Seattle in March 2016.

In all this time the singer did not stop for a moment, performing for over 150 shows in Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America.

In the coming months the pop star he was supposed to play in Dallas (already this weekend), Los Angeles, New York, Minneapolis, Boston and Toronto, before leaving for Asia for a series of stops in Japan, the Philippines and Singapore.

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The reactions of the fans

Needless to say the news split the fans: there are those who care about Justin and he defends him with drawn sword regardless of the reasons and who, instead, thinks this is yet another pop star header and feels cheated, regardless of the staff's promise to refund all tickets.

At the time of writing, under the post with the announcement they read over 32 thousand comments and almost 45 thousand shares.

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John Mayer's defense

Among those who take sides in favor of the Canadian singer is John Mayer, who used Twitter to express his support for his colleague:

“If someone cancels the remaining dates of a tour it means that he would do himself harm if he carried it on.

We have lost so many great artists lately. I'm on Justin's side for realizing it was time to stop. You should do it too ».

Justin's church hypothesis

While on the net they struggle to understand what prompted the singer to forfeit, presenter Richard Wilkins said live on Today Extra television that he got exclusive information directly from a source in contact with Justin:

“I am led to believe that the real reason he pulled out is that he wants to reconnect with faith and that it is even planning to start his own church”.

To support his statement the fact that the singer was seen at the annual Hillsong Church conference, the Evangelical Pentecostal Church of Australia.

«We know that was in Sydney a few weeks ago to meet the top management of Hillsong who were there.

Whether he is trying to collaborate with them for something more permanent or to start a religious activity of his own - such as creating his own church - we do not know for sure. But that's what an inside source told me,”Wilkins explained.

The most likely version

According to some People sources, Justin is fine for now, but he's "super exhausted" for what has been done so far e he no longer feels like dealing with the long journeys and the tight tour schedule.

“He's going to church and he's dating his church group. He is super exhausted. He likes to be on tour, but he has been around for 18 months now and now he is paying the consequences,”says the insider.

Version similar to that obtained by Entertainment Tonight: «We are talking about a guy who has had more than 150 dates, on six continents, for a year and a half and now he's tired.

He needs a break and as much as he didn't want to disappoint the fans, the best decision was to cancel the remaining stages. The tour has already been long enough and he is exhausted ».

The latest sightings

A few hours before the announcement Justin had been paparazzi in California during a walk on the beach with a mysterious brunette whose identity is unknown.

The girl also appears in a photo posted by the same singer on Instagram, which however did not want to leave any clues, not adding any captions.

Shortly after the announcement, the pop star was also reached in Santa Monica by the microphones of Tmz, to which he is limited to declaring that he wants "just a little relaxation".

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