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You still feel like a teenager if you do any of these 8 things
You still feel like a teenager if you do any of these 8 things

All signs that your spirit is still very, very young

For so many of the people around you stability, long-term projects and taking on greater responsibility are priorities. But not for you.

Some people call you Peter Pan, but you are perfectly comfortable in the adult world, only spiritually you are still a teenager.

It's not that you refuse to grow up, but you have preserved that enthusiasm and that lightness that your peers seem to have lost.

Here are the clear signs that you too still feel like a teenager

Sex and the City

1) Laugh uncontrollably several times a day

Okay, the video of the turkey chasing a jogging guy got everyone laughing. But you went on bent double for three quarters of an hour and even now, after a few months, when you think about it, you burst. He is stronger than you.

Nothing more positive, this teen trait allows you to be in a good mood and often face each situation in a more relaxed way.

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2) Your financial planning is on a daily basis

At the beginning of the month, immediately after receiving the salary, your lifestyle resembles that of a Hollywood superstar then, as the weeks go by, it scales down to become that of a Franciscan monk.

You also tried to monitor your bank account and a reduce the expenses of some items, such as "shopping", but it was completely useless. So you have decided to live (almost) day by day.

Provided that "the expense does not exceed the yield", not worrying excessively about your finances allows you to enjoy the moment and to have a free mind for far more important things than vile money.

Sex and the City

3) You and your friends come punctually scolded for your chatter

In bookstores, at an exhibition and even during a concert they took you back because you were chatting. It seems that nothing has changed since they separated you in high school.

You love to meet and update yourself in the smallest detail about your lives (as well as exchanging some gossip about your acquaintances). And if the price to pay for this pleasure is some annoyed "shhh", then so be it.

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4) Make the evening like a little girl

When they ask you at 2 am if you want to go home, you widen your eyes and just don't answer. Because the years go by but you want to dance until closing like when you were a teenager.

Sitting at a party is a sign of decadence for you and you just can't figure out who doesn't go out on Friday nights because they say they're tired (as if they were the only one who worked all week).

If you continue with this energy you will never get old. And there is no doubt that by 80 you will be the coolest grandmother in the neighborhood.


5) The average length of your relationships is three weeks

Yes, of course, with some exceptions, but you tend to hang out with a guy for one period that would only be considered long if you were in middle school.

The point is, by now you have so much experience from recognize the wrong people right away. This is why some of your stories end so quickly that you hardly even notice that they have started.

Given that, at least for the moment, marriage is not one of your priorities, you can enjoy the positives of these short-term relationships: you have the opportunity to date many different people and you never have to give up your independence.


6) You have a secret passion for ice cream with colorful toppings

But also for the cereals that elementary school children normally use and for the double fried chips. Even the most vivid memory of your trip to the USA is linked to the (divine) flavor of peanut butter with jam.

There are those who criticize you by saying that your expense seems to be that of one little girl left at home alone by her parents, but you know that these are little comforting whims that you allow yourself only from time to time.

7) You are attracted to hippies

Do you like guys with long hair or with an earring. Definitely informal and with a young look. You hate men in suits.

If you had to decide what to do on a first date, you'd much rather go to play paintball rather than having dinner by candlelight.

Once again you are not wrong: looking for your "peers in spirit" allows you to try more dynamic and fun activities.

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8) Your favorite summer item is shorts

Obviously super, super short. Your wardrobe also includes t-shirt with Disney characters, ripped jeans and crop top. And if it is true that your outfits still change depending on the circumstances, your favorite clothes are teen ones.

Something bad? Absolutely not. These choices indicate that you are comfortable with your body and confident enough not to feel obligated to conform.

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