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Snail slime: regenerating and repairing face and body products
Snail slime: regenerating and repairing face and body products

For a younger and smoother skin try snail slime, the secret ingredient of the newest skin care

Snail slime is an ingredient rich in beneficial properties for the skin.


Its greatest merit? That of repairing and regenerating skin tissues thanks to the active ingredients of which it is composed. These include elastin, allantoin, collagen, glycolic acid, vitamins A, C and E and mucopolysaccharides.


The snail slime collected for the cosmetic dress (but it is also used in pharmacies, you have probably already tried a powerful cough syrup based on this ingredient) does not involve the mistreatment of animals. In fact, snails are free to move, leaving their secretions as they pass. These are collected and purified to make the most of this precious substance.



Recently very popular, cosmetic preparations based on snail slime have multiple, almost "miraculous" functions. Face, body and hand creams, but also serums and ointments promise to improve the appearance of wrinkles, the appearance of skin spots and reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

Snail slime is also proposed as an excellent moisturizer, an ally in reducing the appearance of cellutite and also an excellent cure in case of acne and breakouts.


Discover with our selection the best products on the market based on this active. Among creams, serums and gels you will surely find the right product for you among the proposals based on snail slime Elicina, Matt, Bioluma and many others.

1. Elicina Eco Cream

Suitable for all skin types, this cream fights wrinkles, stretch marks, acne marks, blemishes and scars.

prodotti viso bava di lumaca ELICINA ECO CREAM

2. Matt Elixir Supreme AgeActiv Snail Slime H.A. plus

For a more elastic and toned skin, this serum regenerates the skin and stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin, slowing down the aging processes.

prodotti-viso-bava-di-lumaca-MATT-SIERO-ELISIR SUPREMO LEVIGANTE

3. Bioearth Loom Creme Clarifiante

With extracts of horse chestnut, chamomile, lemon, witch hazel and naturally snail slime, it gives the skin a luminous appearance.

prodotti viso bava di lumaca BIOHEART LOOM

4. Bioluma Snail Slime Face Serum

The properties of this serum? Nourishing, regenerating, hydro-restorative, moisturizing, soothing, emollient and exfoliating against skin blemishes in men and women.

prodotti viso bava di lumaca BIOLUMA SIERO

5. Nuvò Anti-Aging Elixir

An anti-wrinkle face serum composed of 80% snail slime extracted by hand from farms in the Lake Garda area.

prodotti viso bava di lumaca NUVO’ ELIXIR

6. Dr. Organic Snail Gel Cream

For a regenerated and nourished skin this cream combines a blend of organic, bioactive and natural ingredients with snail slime.

prodotti viso bava di lumaca DR ORGANIC CREMA VISO ANTI ETA’

7. Helix Extra Face and Body Cream with Snail Slime

The goal of this cream? Improve skin roughness, the appearance of acne and lighten sun spots leaving the skin revitalized, shiny and transparent.

prodotti viso bava di lumaca ELIX EXTRA CREMA VISO E CORPO

8. Epoke Snail gel

A protein extract based on snail slime designed to heal the skin, improve its appearance and make it more elastic and toned.

prodotti viso bava di lumaca CREMA GEL EPOKE

9. Mizon Multi Function Formula

A regenerating cream with 92% filtered snail slime.

prodotti viso bava di lumaca MIZON

10. Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask

Night face mask with 15% snail slime extract, ideal for stimulating the renewal of skin cells. Its goal? Prevent oxidative stress and the damage of aging.

prodotti viso bava di lumaca MISHA SLEEPING MASK

11. Bioluma Snail Slime Face Cream

A face cream developed to combat wrinkles, acne marks, pimples, scars, irritation, redness, skin blemishes and stretch marks.

prodotti viso bava di lumaca BIOLUMA CREMA

12. Bioearth Loom Hand Cream

Ideal for improving the appearance of dry and chapped hands or victims of the signs of aging, this cream contains 78% snail slime extracts.

prodotti viso bava di lumaca BIOHEART LOOM CREMA MANI

13. Merci Helix 24 hour Restructuring Face Cream with Snail Slime

It promises smooth and velvety skin, with diminished signs of aging and fatigue.

prodotti viso bava di lumaca MERCI HELIX CREMA VISO

14. Nuvo 'Anti-Aging Cream

With a formula enriched with 80% snail slime, it fights wrinkles and scars, thanks to a complete action against the signs of aging.

prodotti viso bava di lumaca NUVO’ CREMA

15. Merci Helix Firming Body Cream with Snail Slime

Ideal for stressed skin, it is also recommended during pregnancy or dietary regimes. Attenuates and improves the appearance of stretch marks.

prodotti viso bava di lumaca ELIX CREMA CORPO CONCENTRATA

16. Elicina Eco XT Eye Contour

It protects against redness, swelling and dark circles, making the skin more compact and elastic.

prodotti viso bava di lumaca ELICINIA ECO CREMA CONTORNO OCCHI

17. Helix Extra Drops 99% Pure Snail Slime

An intensive treatment based on pure snail slime, ideal for critical areas.

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