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Five (good) reasons to learn to surf
Five (good) reasons to learn to surf

It tones up, it's fun and lets you wear sexy bikinis - here are five reasons why you should definitely learn to surf

Don't say you don't have you ever felt a little healthy envy watching athletic girls ride the waves above one surfboard.

Sup, kitesurf, windsurf there are several variations of this sport that can be practiced all year round, but which we advise you to try in its purest form.

It will not take much, therefore: a swimsuit or a wetsuit and a surfboard, which can be rented comfortably in one of the many "spots" scattered around Italy and beyond (France, Spain and Portugal are excellent destinations to learn and practice).

To give us five (excellent) reasons to learn to practice this sport is Valentina Marconi, 38 years of age, 18 of surfing, and yes, it is just how you would imagine a surfer: blonde, lean and sculpted physique (despite three children).

Valentina Marconi surf
Valentina Marconi surf

1. It's fun

Step, zumba, crossfit and other sports leave a sense of satisfaction and well-being.

But surfing is pure fun, it's a continuous challenge with the waves, each different from the other, it is a huge adrenaline rush.

Not to mention that learning to stand on the board allows you to slide on the water, walk on it, play with it.


2. It's an excellent way to keep fit

Improves balance and streamlines the silhouette, enhancing e toning all the muscles of the body, including side B and abs.

Not to mention that it is necessary to be train with swimming and that, before entering the water, you must do a good heating.

Complete all the final stretch, while for many surfing goes hand in hand with yoga.

surf onda valentina marconi
surf onda valentina marconi

3. Makes you look sexy and feminine

Ah, the charm of the surfer

The same applies to the fairer sex, which can exploit lines of costumes created ad hoc both in department stores and by young niche designers, who sometimes even customize the products themselves, including tables to express their personality.

In addition to the costumes, then, there are the wetsuits: long, short, ultrashort, super tight. Sexier than that?


4. It encourages you to improve

Learning new maneuvers becomes a drug, a goal to be achieved at all costs.

So too the waves gradually become more and more challenging.

The same philosophy of life, slowly, will come automatic adapt it to everyday life.

Seeing is believing.

5. It allows you to travel and get in touch with nature

As you learn the desire to discover new places is physiological, from the best known and most known to the wildest, scattered around the world.

Because surfing, they say, is also a lifestyle and meeting (performing) sportsmen from all over the globe is part of the games (and don't say you would mind!).