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Ten things you don't know about Princess Diana
Ten things you don't know about Princess Diana

From the engagement with Prince Charles to the relationship with the children: Harry and William tell an unpublished Princess Diana

It was August 31 of twenty ago when the televisions spread the tragic news of death of Princess Diana.

Today, William and Harry first decided to get naked and talk about the relationship with their mother in a documentary, Diana, our mother: her life and legacy.

Here are ten things to know about Lady Di

diana giovane

Lady Di was not a nerd

Until the age of 9, the Princess studied at home.

It was quite common for aristocratic boys to be followed by teachers who went home instead of going to school like ordinary people.

From 9 to 12 he then attended Riddlesworth, in Norfolk, before being taken to West Health Girl's School, Kent, where she remained until the age of 16, but without achieving particular academic successes, rather.

Diana tried and failed her final exams twice

However, it was one pretty popular girl, thanks to her athletic and musical skills and her skills as a dancer.

principessa diana bambina

She worked as a housekeeper and breeder

After high school, Diana moved to Switzerland for a few months to attend the Institut Alpin Videmanette, una school of good manners, continuing to cultivate his passion for dance and the dream of treading the stages with the Royal Ballet.

I dream that he had to leave due to his excessive height.

He therefore decided to devote himself to teaching dance to younger children and in the meantime of acting as housekeeper for sister Sarah and the hostess at the parties.

After an ankle injury, she left her little dancers to dedicate herself as Young England kindergarten assistant and nanny with some London families.

“She would have been a nightmare grandmother, absolutely. He would have loved children, but for us it would have been a cataclysm. She would have come and gone, probably at bath time, because it's a funny scene.

It would have filled with bubbles everywhere and water all over the floor playing with them and then she would have gone ", joked Prince William in one of the clips of the documentary anticipated by ITV.

diana carlo viaggio

Prince Charles dated his sister

Diana and Carlo met in 1977 during a hunting trip.

At the time, however, the Prince was staying with Lady Di's older sister, Sarah Spencer.

Their story ended when she went to blurt out some court background to the tabloids, an unforgivable move for Charles and especially for Queen Elizabeth, who should have approved the engagement.

Sarah was anyway invited to a birthday party of Carlo and with her his sisters.

Thus began dating with Diana

diana carlo fidanzati

Twelve meetings for a wedding

It is said that Carlo and Diana they met only twelve times before the engagement was announced.

Their early days relationship was kept hidden from the paparazzi, who continued to tamp down the Prince with increasing pressure due to his marriage age (he was 31 at the time).

The news of their acquaintance became official after a short vacation in Balmoral, in the residence of the Royal Family in the presence of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and the Queen Mother.

On that occasion of the photographers stationed they managed to identify that the maiden with whom Carlo was accompanied was precisely Diana.

A few months later, on February 24, 1981, Buckingham Palace announced the engagement.

principe carlo diana matrimonio

Diana chose her ring from a catalog

The ring that shines on Kate Middleton's finger today is the same one that Carlo gave to Diana for their engagement.

It was Lady Di who chose it from the catalog of the Garrad jewelry, instead of having it drawn purposely, as was traditional.

The ring consists of 14 diamonds and a 12-carat sapphire mounted on a white gold band.

Some rumors claim that the Princess chose this model because it was the largest available, which she denied.

principessa diana carlo william harry

He did not take the vow of obedience

Carlo and Diana married on July 29, 1981 in the Cathedral of Saint Paul, preferred in Westminster because it is more spacious.

In fact, they took part in the wedding two thousand guests.

In front of all those people, more than 750 million connected worldwide, Lady Di mistakenly reversed Carlo's first two names, first pronouncing the name Philip.

Furthermore, he decided to change the usual formula of wedding vows, refusing to take the vow of obedience to her husband.

Which it did, in agreement with William, also Kate Middleton.

He used the tapes as diaries

When it became clear to her that her marriage with Carlo was in crisis, Diana took pains to tell and leave her version of the story to posterity.

For this he began to record all his thoughts on tape of that period, as if they were diaries.

The tapes were then sent to reporter Andrew Morton and became the basis on which his biography was reconstructed.

In one of these recordings, Lady Di says she heard Carlo on the phone with Camilla saying that he would always love her, for this reason in a subsequent interview he confessed that his marriage was "rather crowded".

principessa diana saluti

He attempted suicide and suffered from bulimia

After the divorce, Diana confessed that she suffered from depression during her life at court and that state of mind led her to suffer from bulimia and even attempt suicide.

Her insecurities began shortly after the engagement, when Carlo put his hand on her hip and said: "We're a bit chubby here, aren't we?".

A sentence that combined with continuous digs from the tabloids they took her to doubt his physical appearance.

Only in 1990, shortly before the divorce, Diana admitted that she suffered from bulimia, one of the symptoms of his depressive state.

In other interviews he also admitted that her fall down the stairs while pregnant with William was not so accidentalbut an attempt to get her husband's attention.

diana william harry mare

He raised his children in his own way

About one thing Diana has never accepted impositions: the way it would educated the children.

In her short life the princess he always tried to make William and Harry live as normal a childhood as possible, taking them to the beach, Disneyland and even McDonalds.

«He told us - recalls Harry - that we could have been naughty how much we wanted: the important thing was not to be discovered ".

Not only that: Lady Di wanted her children to grow up aware of their luck and with a look to the next.

For this often he took them with him on visits to children with AIDS.

“I want them to understand people's emotions, their insecurities, their hopes and their dreams,”he said.

A message that both principles perceived loud and clear, enough to carry it forward in their everyday life.

william harry funerale

The last phone call

In the documentary Diana, our mother: her life and legacy Harry and William they also tell oflast time they heard their mother's voice.

It was August 30, the two princes they were on vacation at the Balmoral estate and they were playing with their cousins ​​when he got there call from Diana from Paris.

Just teenagers, however, the boys tried to cut it short to be able to have fun again.

Both were convinced that they would see her again soon.

On 1 September, in fact, they were supposed to meet again

"If I had known what was about to happen - William said - I would not have found anything else interesting".

"I will regret for a lifetime how short that phone call was"Harry said.

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