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Spray nail polish - the best for a perfect manicure
Spray nail polish - the best for a perfect manicure

The solution for a quick, foolproof manicure exists. Here is the spray polish

Dream about one perfect manicure but you have little time available? Try it spray polish, an innovation that will allow you to create tailor-made nail looks in record time.

Launched on the market in 2015 by the English brand Nails Inc, the spray polish combines extreme ease of application with excellent results on the nails.

What is spray polish?

It is a special lacquered nail pigment in spray form, contained in a classic spray can, similar to those for painting in miniature format.

It is an absolutely safe and easy to manage and apply product, even if it is good to be careful.

Its greatest strength is that it can apply the product without precision on the nails, and then remove the polish deposited off the nail with simple soap and water.

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How is spray polish applied?

Spreading the spray nail polish is a real one girl's game. After having carefully prepared the nails apply the classic base coat.

This product is indispensable in manicure because it protects the nails, smooths the surface and allows the nail polish - any type - to "cling" and last longer.

Then you can apply the spray polish (to do this it is good to create a base with sheets of paper or an old towel) by vaporizing the texture directly from the bottle, after having shaken it well.

At this stage care must be taken spray evenly the product, keeping a distance of about 10-15 centimeters.

At this point the top coat, the secret weapon for a shiny and lasting manicure.

When everything is dry it will be enough wash your hands with warm soapy water for remove any residue of spray polish from the fingers and around the cuticles and get a premium manicure.

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The must-have spray enamels

The spray polish no doubt more famous is that of Nails Inc, the first to be launched on the market. Afterwards, formulas of other really interesting brands were developed. discover them all below.


The pioneer in this category was conceived by Thea Green, the founder of the brand. Proposed in six color variations, it has become a must have in a very short time, representing a new way of conceiving express manicure.

The secret of this product also lies in the fact that it can also be applied on pre-applied enamel bases, for a change flash manicure!

The colors included in the range of Paint Can spray polish are gold, red, pink, orange, silver and fuchsia.

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Alexa Chung was the first testimonial of the spray nail polish Nails Inc.

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In 2017 Lottie Tomlinson became the witness of Nails Inc Paint Can. Younger sister of Louis Tomlinson of the one direction, is a make-up artist and web star, followed by over three million followers fascinated by her edgy beauty looks.

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The independent American brand, famous for having contributed to giving life - with its iridescent stick illuminator - to the phenomenon of holographic makeupalso offers spray enamels with a metallic finish.

The colors available? Bronze, silver and rose gold.

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Even the low cost brand recently launched its own variant of spray polish on the market. There are four colors available: fuchsia, purple, silver and blue.

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Another line of spray nail polishes to try is that of Eterluxe, which offers complete kits for a quick manicure. The range includes references in coral, brown, black, silver, purple, red and pink.

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Credits Ph.: Nails Inc

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