Sicily: a five-star farmhouse in the heart of the Ragusa countryside
Sicily: a five-star farmhouse in the heart of the Ragusa countryside

Traditional, luxurious and just enough to make us fall madly in love with it. Discover with us the beautiful Domus Olivae

Imagine a cozy but luxurious home, bathed in sunshine and surrounded by the green of the olive trees and the unspoiled countryside. This is Domus Olivae, an ancient Sicilian farmhouse in the Ragusa hinterland, about 30 minutes from the sea.

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The villa, currently rented as a holiday home, has recently undergone a total and careful restoration and retains the typical characteristics of the traditional buildings of the Sicilian countryside, interpreting them in a modern, refined and chic way.

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Gathered around the typical central courtyard, the main building includes a large living area with various lounges, professional kitchen, large dining room, and a sleeping area with seven bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, to accommodate up to a maximum of 14 people.

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The fine furnishings have been skilfully chosen by mixing classicism and design, with a particular eye to traditional materials, colors and processes.

Classy choices that in their simplicity want to enhance the splendor of an ancient and fascinating culture.

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The bedrooms are all furnished with a minimal and refined taste. To highlight the precious embroidered canvases - one different from the other but all attributable to a single style - which act as the headboard of the beds.

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The master bedroom is truly impressive, in a raised position with respect to the rest of the building, illuminated by three large windows.

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Outside, in a private land of about 100 acres, a precious olive grove, various gardens and a beautiful stone swimming pool with solarium.

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Photo Credits: Domus Olivae / Luxury Retreats

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