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5 signs to find out if you are smarter than average
5 signs to find out if you are smarter than average

What are the factors that make us smart? They range from being anxious to having a cat: here's how to find out if you are smarter than others

Intelligence we could define it as the ability to find solutions, understand, understand, explain, elaborate and think judgments based on experience.

This gift has allowed man to evolve and to build a world able to accommodate their needs.

In short, intelligence made sure that society went through revolutionary phases dictated by the needs of man himself.

Research has always tried to understand what are the factors that make some people smarter than others.

To know your own IQ there are numerous tests but there are also much more real characteristics that define our intelligence.

Here are five that might determine if you are smarter than average

Genitori e figli

Being firstborn (or only children)

If you are the first children, you are smarter and you will get richer.

It proves it a research by the University of Edinburgh which explains how the fault (or merit) is of the parents, which in most cases they concentrate most of the information and energy in the firstborn.

Another research from the University of Leipzig confirms the first data and hypothesizes that one of the causes is the role of tutor who assumes the eldest towards the younger brothers.

This function would stimulate the creativity and cognitive abilities of the older brother.

Mamma ho perso l’aereo

Having been breastfed

A Duke University study determined that those who are breastfed will grow more mature intellectually.

This research was conducted in New Zealand and showed that the mother's milk would increase the IQ by seven points.

A group of researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston confirms these data and explains that the maternal milk it would allow the little ones to develop a major IQ it's a more iron memory.

Julia Roberts

Speak for yourself

It was Einstein's favorite pastime

Speak for yourself unleash your creativity And stimulates intelligence.

It is a way to better identify problems, develop problem solving and make thoughts real.

Also who speaks for himself raises your self-esteem and the ability to fend for yourself. In conclusion, if you talk to yourself you will surely be smarter than the average.

il mio amico einstein

Being left-handed

Left-handed people are smarter and more creative

This was demonstrated by research from St. Lawrence University in New York which showed how among people who have an IQ above 140 (that is, the range of super intelligent) is there a high percentage of left-handed people.

From Einstein to Leonardo da Vinci to Barack Obama, in history many left-handed people have confirmed the results of this research. Finally left-handers can take their revenge.

Garfield sul divano

Having a cat

Do you prefer cats to dogs? A search for the Carroll University of Wisconsin proved that the owners of cats they have a Highest IQ than those of dogs.

In fact, it seems that cat lovers are more prone to find remedies using the divergent thinking, that is a way to solve problems with unconventional solutions to the rules.

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