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The 10 most followed weight loss diets of 2017
The 10 most followed weight loss diets of 2017

Google summer trends in hand, we tell you how the most searched and followed diets to lose weight in 2017 work

Not just for the costume fitting, diets more and more they propose to become a way of life, more easy to follow and thought to be adopted yes to lose weight but also for health purposes and objectives to be achieved in order to last.

On the diametrically opposite front, the fast diets, from one or two weeks at the most, rigid and characterized by drastic cuts, in calories or food groups.

For deflate, detoxify, cleanse the skin of the face or simply lose two or three pounds taken on the road.

Google revealed what the 10 most famous diets, search and follow these first months of 2017: we explain them one by one, to find the one that best suits your needs and tastes at the table.

The Vigor diet

The Vigor diet, conceived by Dr. Fabrizio Duranti, is one diet without limits of quantity, which aims at stimulate the metabolism and to transform sugars into energy for the muscles.

The acronym Vigor means, in fact, Change in the Glycemic Index Hormones Rebalanced.


Instead of reducing calorie intake, which in the long run pushes the body to consume less, obtaining the opposite effect to that hoped for, you have to learn to control the metabolism switches, varying cyclically the calories that come from carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Which in practice means that carbohydrates are reduced slightly during the week and increased at the weekend: in this way when you supply them to the body the sugars will come transformed into energy for the muscles instead of in fat mass and at the same time there will be an increase in thyroid activity.

Basic combine constant physical activity with the diet.

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The Adamski diet

The Adamski Diet, or Adamski Method, takes its name from the French naturopath and osteopath who conceived it, Frank Laporte Adamski.

It is not based on calorie calculations, but promises to deflate your tummy, aid digestion and lose weight through right food combinations during the day.


It is all based on different digestion times of the various foods, which must be assumed by distinguishing between fast foods And slow foods.

The fast ones are for example fruit, tomatoes, peppers, chilli and yogurt, slow ones bread, pasta, fish, meat, dairy products and vegetables.

Then there are neutral foods, such as onion, eggplant, basil and coffee, which accelerate the digestion of the other two categories.

The juice is do not eat slow and fast foods together in the same meal.

In short, it is more than a diet a form of food re-education, very easy to follow and the results of which begin to be seen already after 3 or 4 days.

The Plank Diet

A diet that allows you to lose 9 pounds in two weeks, says the claim.

In practice it is a low-calorie and high-protein regime, based only on certain foods e very restrictive, which is very reminiscent of the (a lot) criticized Dukan.

It is in fact a totally unbalanced meal plan and for this reason it is risky to health (and should be followed for extremely short periods and only under the supervision of a dietician).


There is a very simple pattern to follow, with directions on what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week.

An example? Breakfast with sugar-free coffee and a small sandwich, lunch with two hard-boiled eggs, salad and tomatoes, dinner with cooked ham and salad.

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The 7 Day Dukan Diet

After the string of criticisms rained down on the (very famous) Dukan, the doctor has reformulated his Diet creating one new more moderate and balanced version.

If in the first regime, in fact, we found ourselves having to ban fruit and vegetables for days, the 7 day Dukan diet predicts that every day of the week we can eat one more type of food, up to Sunday, when you can eat everything, before starting again from the constraints of Monday.


In practice, the Monday you only eat proteins (meat, fish, eggs), Tuesday add the vegetables, Wednesday fruit, Thursday wholemeal bread, Friday cheese (low-fat), Saturday and Sunday you can eat starchy (pasta, potatoes, legumes).

They remain reduced fat to the bone.

The Brazilian diet

There Brazilian diet is a regimen that allows you to lose up to 5 kg in 2 weeks and 12 kg in a month, again according to the claim.

There are two variants, a very narrow, a more moderate, varied and balanced from a nutritional point of view.


The main ingredients are fruits and vegetables and you have to eat five meals a day.

A typical day It's composed by:

Breakfast: 1 orange, 1 banana and 1 cup of freshly squeezed orange juice

Mid morning: 1 slice of wholemeal bread, 1 orange juice

Lunch: 100 grams of boiled fish, 100 grams of fresh vegetable salad

Dinner: 100 grams of boiled fish, 100 grams of fresh vegetable salad

Before going to sleep: 1 cup of orange juice, 1 slice of wholemeal bread

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Amanda Cerny's diet

Amanda Cerny is a Playboy model who has been able to reinvent himself as a fitness guru thanks to various social channels where he gives beauty, nutrition and sport tips.

Convinced vegan, does not take any type of supplement, but manages to balance all nutrients so as not to have deficiencies, despite physical activity.

Eat mainly vegetables, a fruit in the morning and one as a snack during the day. The contribution of protein is entirely vegetable.

The walnuts, for example, they are an excellent source of both protein and good fats, only they're also full of calories, so don't overdo it.

On the other hand, legumes are never lacking in his diet, to ensure the right amount of protein and fiber.

Sport is a key part of the regime, but even if it allows you to burn a lot of calories, it is not a pass for junk food.

Basically his more than a diet it is a lifestyle based on eating vegan, healthy, fresh and natural.

If you want to emulate it abolish all packaged or processed foods (as well as all products of animal origin).

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The Lemme Diet

The Lemme diet was conceived by the pharmacist Alberico Lemme and is based on exclusive consumption of carbohydrates and proteins and theexclusion of fruit, vegetables, salt and sweets.

There are two stages, one for weight loss and one for maintenance, and includes the eating meals at specific times which must be strictly respected: breakfast by 9.30am, lunch between 12pm and 2pm, dinner between 7pm and 9pm. In addition, two snacks, at 10am and 4pm, a lemon wedges and tea.


A typical day provides pasta for breakfast and meat or fish for lunch and dinner.

It is a dissociated diet, because carbohydrates and proteins are never consumed in the same meal, but also highly unbalanced from a nutritional point of view and rich in contraindications and side effects linked above all to the large quantity of ingested proteins and the total absence of vitamins from fruit and vegetables.

The rice and tuna diet

The rice and tuna diet allows, says the claim, to lose 4 kilos in a week.


The main ingredients of the menu are easy to understand and the typical day is constituted as follows:

Breakfast: tea or coffee without sugar and two fruits

Snack: a skimmed yogurt with a handful of whole grains

Lunch: tuna and rice in quantities of your choice (where the tuna is natural and the rice is preferably wholemeal) with the possible addition of vegetables

Snack: a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice

Dinner: tuna and rice in quantities to taste.

Drink at least two liters of water per day.

The Vegan diet

The vegan diet it is first and foremost a lifestyle, but it can also be useful for weight loss - and certainly as a detox.

It consists ofeliminate all products of animal origin from one's diet, including dairy products and eggs and therefore the risk is that of bringing too little protein to the body.

For this reason, those who want to try the vegan diet must do it with conscience and it should not be limited to eliminating prohibited foods from the table without finding the respective ones plant substitutes.


For proper nutrition, the percentage of daily macronutrients should be: 70% carbohydrates, 15% proteins, 15% fats.

Approximately 70% of the total calories must come from fruits and vegetables, to eat with whole grains, legumes, soups, potatoes, avocados, seeds, seaweed and sprouts.

The Sirt diet

Become famous as the diet followed by Adele, the Sirt diet promises to lose more than 3 pounds in a week.

Designed by two British nutritionists, Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, is the result of studies on a group of recently discovered genes, sirtuins, or skinny gene, of the metabolic regulators which control our ability to burn fat and stay fit.

How are they activated? With the fasting, exercise and Sirt foods, foods that mimic the effects of fasting.


For the first three days you can hire them a maximum of one thousand calories per day, consuming three green juices Sirt (based on kale, rocket, parsley, celery, apple, lemon, matcha green tea, the recipe with the exact doses is in the book) and a solid meal based on Sirt foods.

From the fourth to the seventh day the daily calories become 1500 and it goes to two green juices and two solid meals.

At the end of the seven days weight loss average is just over 3 pounds.

What are Sirt foods? Some are commonly used, such as extra virgin olive oil, red onions, parsley, radicchio, rocket, chilli, strawberries, cocoa, coffee and capers. To which are added tofu, turmeric, dates and matcha tea.

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