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How to extend your tan after returning from vacation
How to extend your tan after returning from vacation

Strategies to prolong the tan: find out how to do it with our tips

From moisturizing cream to scrub to shower gel and specific after-sun: these are just some of the products to use in order to keep its own intact Tan, conquered day after day at the sea and in the mountains.

The beauty routine focuses onhydration and nourishment of the skin, but not only: you can always use a cream or an oil that sublimates the complexion and intensifies it. And if you happen to spend a few more weekends on the beach, it is always good to use ad hoc products.

We have selected some for you must have for maintain a tan throughout September. Follow our advice.

Hydro Lagon by Methode Jeanne Piaubert

It has a two-phase formula that perfectly combines the nourishing action of passionflower oil with the moisturizing power of Solina® while Aloe vera has an anti-inflammatory action. Finally, passion fruit and peach oils, rich in Omega 6 and 9, restructure and soothe.

The extra tip: use the product morning and evening and after each exposure. Hydration is essential to keep the complexion intact.

Hydro Lagon HD copy

Korff sorbet moisturizing cream

From the body to the face, hydration is total. This sparkling cream with a citrus note and a light and fresh sorbet texture also has an effective anti-aging action.

The extra tip: before moisturizing your face, choose a cleanser in mousse or cream to enhance the action.


Sun Oil Spray Body and Hair High protection UVA / UVB 30 by Clarins

It nourishes and sublimates the skin and hair thanks to nyamplung oil, an Indonesian sacred tree, and enhances the tan, making the skin velvety.

The extra tip: use it to enhance the complexion on all occasions.

CLARINS_Spray Solaire Huile Embellissante Corps et Cheveux UVB30

Creamy Salt Scrub from TeNScience

It has a soft and creamy formulation that helps accelerate skin turnover and is enriched with active ingredients of natural origin with moisturizing and anti-aging action.

The extra tip: always choose a multitasking scrub that, in addition to eliminating dead cells to make the tan more uniform, also manages to make the skin softer and more luminous, fighting the signs of aging.

TEN_BODY ESSENTIALS_Scrub Salino Cremoso

Sephora Glitter Divine Oil

Illuminates the skin with an irresistible golden color. Enriched with passion flower oil with nourishing properties, it brings instant well-being.

The extra tip: in addition to enhancing the tan and moisturizing, it can also be used on the hair after shampooing for the finish.


Ultrasun moisturizing after-sun refreshing effect

Moisturizes the skin thanks to the formula with a refreshing effect that absorbs quickly and increases the duration of the tan even after exposure.

The extra tip: take advantage of the weekends to expose yourself to the sun. With the right sunscreen and after-sun, it will be easier to prolong your tan.


Sports BB SPF50 + by Shiseido

To protect from the rays of the last summer sun but also to give more color to the face making it uniform.

The extra tip: prefer a BB like this, resistant to moisture and sweat, instead of a foundation, when you want to do outdoor activities.


Huile Sublime Tan SPF 6 by Eisenberg

This sensual scented oil has a formula containing Camelina Oil, Vitamin E and Tri-Molecular Formula®. It maintains skin hydration, ensures an anti-redness and calming action and protects against the action of free radicals. Finally, the delicate and velvety texture enhances the brightness of tanned skin.

The extra tip: you can add a few drops of oil to your usual cream to preserve the complexion in the months following exposure.

Huile Sublime Tan_2017

Becos Enzyme Peeling Gel

Thanks to the proteolytic enzymes extracted from papaya, its comfortable and fresh texture guarantees a deep cleansing in just seven minutes. Also suitable for the most sensitive skin.

The extra tip: choose effective but non-aggressive peelings for the body to clean deeply but also to improve the appearance and color of the skin.

Becos – Enzyme Peeling Gel

After Sun Body Wash by L'Erbolario

Contains Coconut and Oats, effective but very delicate cleansers that are added to those of Walnut Hull and Carrot, capable of amplifying and emphasizing the tan.

The extra tip: for a regenerating shower, true relief after exposure to sunlight and at the end of the day, always choose specific products that help preserve the tan. In any case, always say no to too aggressive detergents.

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