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The 10 smokey eyes inspired by the Fall / Winter 2017-18 fashion shows
The 10 smokey eyes inspired by the Fall / Winter 2017-18 fashion shows

Great protagonist on the catwalks, smokey eyes transforms and deepens the look. We have selected 10 proposals to be replicated immediately

Black, first of all, because it is smokey eyes intense and dark is the most magnetic. That's why it is very popular with beauty addicts and stylists who have chosen it for models during the fashion shows. For the same reason, it is an evergreen eye make-up that, from season to season, is renewed with new colors and new finishes.

The trend ofAutumn / Winter 2017-18 she wants it full of glitter and bright even when it's in the brown shade. In the beauty backstage, great space is given to experimentation by trying out new shades such as red, without forgetting gold and two-tone effects.

We have selected 10 proposals seen at the fashion shows and very cool to replicate. Let yourself be inspired.

Touches of light

A hint of light inside and along the entire lower rim makes this classic smokey eyes brighter. Black eyeliner and black mascara seal the beauty look to perfection.


Like a cloud

Symmetries are banned for this eye makeup that focuses attention on a single eyelid, giving a hint of sky blue to a classic smokey eyes black.

Credit ph: Daniela Losini


Smokey eyes brown

A brushstroke of brown powder eyeshadow on the eyelids characterizes this eye make-up illuminated by a golden tip inside the eye.


Soft smokey

A slight taupe shade defines this less intense smokey eyes and lightened by a metal eyeshadow in the center of the eyelid.


Intense black

Designed for lovers of the dark: black dresses the eye and deepens the gaze while blended with a brown powder for a two-tone finish.


Cascade of glitter

The most classic shade with a black core reflects metallic flashes thanks to a cascade of glitter on the eyelids that create a three-dimensional effect.

Credit ph: Daniela Losini

ELIE-SAAB-AI-17-18-15 foto daniela

Makeup with a double soul

Do you want to blend a dark powder with a second color? Choose gray or red that veers towards bronze.


Matt anthracite gray

If you prefer dark but lighter smokey eyes, blend a gray matte powder over the entire mobile eyelid by stretching outwards. With a pencil of the same color, define a part of the lower line.


Successful combination

Black and gold, the couple of elegance. Apply the black powder along the entire contour and blend it on the fixed eyelid, and then, with a medium brush, spread the gold eyeshadow in the center of the eye: you will not go unnoticed!


Romantic red

For those who want to dare and try a different shade than usual. Blend very well with a medium brush and a smaller one in the lower line. A must for this eye make-up? A homogeneous and flawless complexion.

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