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Happier in seven days: how to take care of yourself and live better
Happier in seven days: how to take care of yourself and live better

To be happy you have to take care of yourself: here's how to do it in just seven days, putting into practice a small change a day

Seven days are enough to be (more) happy. Like? Taking care of yourself.

We are always busy, on the run, struggling with work, family, friends, boyfriend and so on and so forth. So taken from the daily routine by not being able to stop and take a moment that's just for us.

Find the time to unplug and pampering yourself is more and more a luxury, when instead it should be a priority.

Try to carve out a moment only yours at least once a day for a week, you will see that you will no longer be able to do without it.

Here is one mini guide day by day.

NTC Class!

Day 1: fitness class

We are not talking about the classic gym, but about something that makes you sweat and disconnect with your mind.

A physical activity that keeps you so busy that you can't think of anything else, that will wear you out.

But let me allow you to recharge yourself psychologically to start again stronger than before and than fill up on endorphins.

Sign up for one CrossFit trial lesson or put on your running shoes.


Day 2: log out

We spend most of the day between pc and smartphone, everyday.

At least one night a week try to detoxify, allowing you a few hours of total relaxation.

Close the front door behind you and with it any connection with the world: turn off your mobile, tablet and pc.

You will thus avoid any notification or ringing that can distract you from connecting only with yourself or, at most, with distant worlds.

Cook, read a book, spend time sitting and reflecting on yourself.

serie tv guardare computer

Day 3: TV moment

Take the end of the day to unwind this time immersing yourself in someone else's story.

May it be yours favorite tv series, a new one you want to start a long time ago or a movie you left behind from the last film season.

The key thing is that be able to distract you completely from any other thoughts e keep you glued to the screen and the sofa.

Day 4: start keeping a journal

Writing is cathartic. It is now proven that reduce stress and anxietybut not only that, because it will bring out your most creative side.

Start keeping a journal, to be updated once a week (or even more often) and totally open up.

Pour on paper your goals, your successes, your fears, your feelings and whatever you want to throw out.

It will be almost like a self-analysis session.

Day 5: (re) organize your space

Set a timer for 10 minutes And tidy up as many things as you can: from shoes to clothes around, but also papers and documents.

And if you have time left, get rid of superfluous things, try to make room, to refresh the environment.

Once the timer has sounded, stop and look around

Go home e being surrounded by clutter can be stressful, without you even noticing.

A tidier environment day by day will allow you to enjoy the house more.

Buy a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers and place it in the center of the room. It will bring a breath of positive energy.

Day 6: say no to everything planned

Forget about the clock and just do what you really want.

If you feel like spend all day in bed, do it.

If you want to relax listening to music and eating junk, don't hold back.

If you want get out and get lost in the city or go to lunch with friends, go ahead and do it.

One caveat: if you have a job, make this day coincide with the weekend (or take it off for vacation).

Day 7: pamper yourself

Take this day to pamper yourself

Transform your home into a small spa, with a hot bath, one face mask, some candle and a little bit of soft music.

And breathe, trying not to think about anything.

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