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Hangover: the right products to eliminate fatigue and stress
Hangover: the right products to eliminate fatigue and stress

Specifically especially for the face, these treatments can perform an immediate action or work during the night

It happens to everyone: an important event or an evening, the small hours or the stress and lack of sleep are all elements that are noticed on the face, and how. It is thehangover, that sense of exhaustion due to tiredness, drunkenness and lack of sleep. In summer, thanks to holidays and the heat, this reaction can be very frequent; for this it is essential to run for cover with specific products that relieve and attenuate the effect on the face.

Masks, energizing boosters, tactical correctors and patches that act in a few seconds are among the protagonists of this post beauty routine and give a burst of energy especially to the skin and the periocular area, so as to attenuate or completely eliminate dark circles and dull face. All in a few minutes or at most in a day. This is why we have divided them into two groups according to your needs: on the one hand, the express, on the other, the one-day.


They work within minutes and are the ideal answer if you want to see immediate results. Their strength lies in the ingredients that tend to impact and decongest the skin and around the eyes: certainly among these isoxygen, which hydrates and gives a burst of energy allowing cellular recirculation that gives brightness to the epidermis, the sage which has many therapeutic properties including toning and anti-inflammatory ones, and the vitamins in particular the C.

Hangover: the right products to eliminate fatigue and stress -express-

In its XS format, this face mask gives immediate hydration thanks to the emollient properties of peony.
when, by nature, the skin is more focused on cell renewal. They tend to be characterized by a mix of ingredients or "complexes" which, acting together, purify the epidermis, giving it radiance and a healthier complexion.

Hangover: the right products to eliminate fatigue and stress -one day-

Declarè_ Anti Irritation Serum
Anti Irritation Serum Declarè It is spread in the evening so that during the night it acts to heal and reduce skin irritations.
Fountain-The Hyaluronic Molecule
The Hyaluronic Molecule Fountain A small teaspoon is enough to have an extra dose of hyaluronic acid which, combined with ginger, keeps the body young.
Hydrabio Perfecteur immagine
Hydrabio Perfecteur Bioderma A real booster, it makes the skin full of energy, hydration and brightness, designed for very sensitive and heavily dehydrated skin.
Normaderm Nuit Detox Trattamento Detox purificante 30ml_55a52ecb530a6
Normaderm Nuit Detox Vichy It is a night treatment that helps detoxify and purify the epidermis.
The Unique Depurative Based on dry extracts, it helps to purify and purify the body so as to expel toxins.
thumbnail_Kiehl’s MRC-3
Midnight Recovery Concentrate Kiehl's In oil, a few drops are enough - in addition to the maximum -, to be massaged on the face before going to bed to relax it, decongest it and illuminate it.
thumbnail_NAtura Bisse_OXYGEN COMPLEX 30ml-1.1
Natura Bissè Oxygen Complex Based on oxygen, it is spread on the face in the evening so that at night it stimulates cell regeneration.
thumbnail_oxygen_booster OMOROVICZA
Oxygen Booster Omorovicza Also based on oxygen, this booster is massaged on the face to re-tone the skin making it more compact.
QC Terme Bio-Stimulator Face Serum Enriched with thermal water, also hyaluronic acid and ginko biloba inside which stimulate the nocturnal activity of the face.

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