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The 9 rules of minimal style
The 9 rules of minimal style

Guide to minimal style: 10 simple rules for those who believe in the saying "less is more"

In an age when everything is too much (too social, too exposed, too difficult) there is always a certainty in terms of look: minimal style. True evergreen, it represents a way of being, not tied to the trend of the moment.If you too are tired of overdressed, of ringing combinations and wild applications, follow these 10 rules to focus on simplicity, gaining elegance.

1. When in doubt, monochrome


Let's start from easier rule to follow, namely that of monochrome total look. Choosing just one color, from head to toe, is simple, fast and never wrong. From total black to natural shades to white (suitable for special occasions): a practical and also "tactical" solution, which helps to slim the figure.

2. Match two colors


Not one more: two colors are never an excess and adapt to any occasion.

3. Find your color palette


We talked about monochrome and combinations, but choosing a minimal style does not mean giving up color, on the contrary. Create color palettes, play with the many shades that a shade can offer.

4. Choose the right silhouettes


The minimal style has rules regarding the cuts of the garments, linear and essential.

5. Create your own uniform


Imagine how easy it would be, in the morning, to already know what to wear?

6. Invest in quality

"Buy less, choose better - Vivienne Westwood"

This tip of Vivienne Westwoodgoes very well with the theme of minimal. Having clear ideas and a precise wardrobe also helps to make a selection and to concentrate one's expenses on really useful and qualitatively beautiful garments.

7. Apply the rules also for accessories


The accessory follows the above: essential lines, space for functionality and innovative design experiments. As for the jewels then, just go simple.

8. Find your favorite brands


Having brands or stylists of reference is undoubtedly an ace in the hole. Read up, try and don't be afraid to get attached to a particular name. A bit like Steve Jobsand its unmistakable turtlenecks by Issey Miyake.

10. Get inspired by celebs


Not all celebrities love "noisy" looks: if you need inspiration, find it by following the icons of minimal style. Many of them, like Victoria Beckham, Phoebe Philo and Stella McCartney create it, others choose it without any hesitation. In the image above three easy examples: Emmanuelle alt = "Image" and Victoria Beckham, with shirt and trousers, Phoebe Philo with a comfortable turtleneck. On the feet? Flat shoes.


Three other great basic icons are Ines de La Fressange, queen of French style, Stella McCartney and Sofia Coppola.


Outside the red carpet, Olivia Palermo also loves minimal. On the red carpet, on the other hand, we see two simple and winning choices: Gwyneth Paltrow in white, Kasia Smutniak in black.

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