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Adolescence is also difficult for the stars: this is what they said
Adolescence is also difficult for the stars: this is what they said

Today we see them radiant and beautiful on the red carpets, but even the stars had their ugly duckling moment: here are their stories

Adolescence is difficult, even for the stars.

We've all been through that period of fighting pimples, hair with unlikely hairstyles, braces, eyeglasses. Aesthetic nightmares that if added together can transform anyone into a monster, even if growing up one turns into a divinity like Beyoncé.

Before becoming famous celebrities also had a past as ugly ducklings.

In some cases the awareness came only in retrospect, in others they had to fight with the insecurities typical of age.

We have snooped through their interviews to find out what was the ugly moment of the vip.

Here are their stories

sara sampaio bambina

Gwyneth Paltrow

Speaking of daughter Apple, the actress recalled her adolescence:

“It was brutal, difficult years for me. I was trying to grow in this uncoordinated body.

I had braces and thought it was a great idea to shave behind my head.

I think it was that period of life when try to be a different person and try to figure out which one you want to become.

But it is also quite painful »

dwayne johnson

Sara Sampaio

Victoria's Secret model posted this photo on her Instagram profile as a throwback to show her fans what she was like as a girl and above all how much she has improved today.

"You're welcome, guys", he wrote, showing himself wearing a bandana instead of the shirt, glasses and hairpins and adding the hashtag #nevergiveuphope (translated: never lose hope).

Justin Timberlake

Before becoming one international pop star and a sex symbol, the singer was a kid like many others, who came bullied from school friends because of acne and her weird hair.

«When you are a child you try with all your strength to be accepted and when you grow up you realize that it is not the most important and interesting thing.

I wouldn't be here if I listened to all those kids who told me I was a sissy with a terrible voice. Be different,”he said.

Tina Fey

Nicole Kidman

Although many envy hers flowing red hair, the actress confessed that when she was little she didn't feel comfortable at all.

Her hair made her feel 'ugly and repulsive

When I was a little girl I had curls that reached up to my butt and people were pulling them all the time. I hated it. '


Well yes, Queen Bey also had her ensembles as a child, especially when she was with other children and felt ugly and awkward. But she managed to work on herself and overcome them:

“When you grow up you learn a few things, you are not afraid to let yourself go and you no longer worry about the unknown. You are no longer ashamed to discover your body, mind and soul, even if they can make you feel uncomfortable.

It all starts like this, one day you look in the mirror and say 'Do you know what's up? I like what I see'.

If I hadn't been through some dark times in my life, it wouldn't be me. "

Kristen Stewart

That the actress has never been too proud of hers participation in the Twilight saga is now well known, but during an interview with Ellen Degeneres she explained how complicated those years were for her:

“About those photos and I feel as if you were leafing through the high school yearbook.

I don't jump for joy when I see those images again, but it feels like yesterday. Instead I was only 17-18 when my life has been turned upside down and it was one of the strangest, most complicated and absurd moments of my life ».

It must be said that at least he met Robert Pattinson, not exactly torture.

Dwayne Johnson

It has been proclaimed the sexiest man in the world from People magazine last year, yet The Rock also had its ugly duckling phase, according to him.

“The worst period was when I was 13-14

I was trying to find my identity and feel comfortable. I loved sweets.

Every day after school I was going to buy some donuts and some cookies. But I had an almost allergic reaction to sugar and chocolate and my skin reacted by filling with pimples. Try to picture me like this and with curly afro hair ».

Zooey Deschanel

"Nothing is more difficult than the middle school period", the New Girl star confessed, adding that in those years she was teased by her classmates because she was chubby.

An experience that, according to him, made her stronger and that she brought with her even now that she is an established actress, so much so that she wanted to found the HelloGiggles site to dispense advice.

“Now I feel I have it mission of having to help other women.

If there had been a place like that when I was 13, I wouldn't have felt so alone. '

Tina Fey

Before becoming famous thanks to Saturday Night Live and at 30 Rock, the actress and comedian went through "a rather turbulent puberty" which led to her being a "fatal combination of greasy skin and already formed breasts at the age of ten,”he said.

Sandra Bullock

The actress revealed that when she went to school in Arlington, Virginia, she was far from being the red carpet diva she is today:

“I always wore stupid bobby pins to keep my hair pulled back. I was just out of fashion,”he confessed.

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