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Smokey eyes: the best eye make-up of the stars
Smokey eyes: the best eye make-up of the stars

Stars love smokey eyes. We have selected for you the ten most beautiful make-ups seen on the latest red carpets

Stars love smokey eyes and it is theirs eye makeup favorite for the red carpet. The success of the smokey? It makes the look deeper and more sensual and can be declined in a thousand variations depending on the desired finish and the color of the irises.

For example, the hazel eyes are perfect with a smokey black while those who have light eyes can opt for both soft shades and a more decisive make-up.

If the focus is on the gaze, it is better to leave them bare lips. But when you want a high impact beauty look, the rule falls. The most glamorous combination for the red carpet? Makeup on dark shades and a red lipstick. The latest trend of divas is to choose the same color for the eyelids as the dress worn: to copy!

We have selected for you the looks we liked the most. Take inspiration from star on the red carpet.

Jennifer Lopez and the smokey black

In the ranking of the stars with the most beautiful eye make-up, Jennifer takes first place because her eye make-up is simply perfect. Very well blended and in a dark shade: to be replicated if you have hazel or light eyes.

jennifer lopez

Doutzen Kroes and smokey brown

The super model chooses a light shade that elongates the gaze and colors the upper rhyme with a black pencil. The shades chosen are perfectly matched to the hair color and light irises.

Doutzen Kroes (2)

Lily Depp and two-tone eye makeup

The black on the mobile eyelid is shaded with brown towards the fixed eyelid: the focus of the make-up of the actress and model is on the eyes. Do as she chooses a nude shade for the lips.

lily depp cannes

Jessica Chastain and red carpet makeup

The actress pairs a classic black smokey eyes with a real diva red lipstick. It is the makeup to choose for the most important occasions.

Credit ph: Splashnews


Deepika Padukone and green makeup

At the Cannes Film Festival, the Indian actress and model chose a very intense dark green smokey eyes matched with the dress for the red carpet. The effect is really cool.

Credit ph: Splashnews

Deepika Padukone cannes splash

Victoria Bonya in blue version

Even the Russian model combines smokey eyes with the blue color of the dress with lace and embroidery. The extra idea? Add a touch of highlighter to the inside of the eye.


Juliette Binoche and the classic nuance

A classic smokey eyes for the French actress. Darker and more intense on the outside, thanks to a line of khol pencil on the lower and upper rhyme, lighter on the inside to open the gaze.

Credit ph and make up by Dior


The elegance of Jasmine Trinca

To make Jasmine's eye make-up, just blend a black pencil applied along the contour and choose a black eyeshadow to give depth. A generous coat of mascara seals the make-up.

Credit ph and make up by Dior


Taliah Webster and black & gold shades

Who said that with smokey black lips have to be naked? The actress chooses a matte fuchsia that perfectly matches her complexion and illuminates her eyes with a golden eyeshadow on the inner part of the eye.

Credit ph and make up by Dior


Svetlana Khodchenkova and clear irises

Those with clear irises like the Russian actress and model are really spoiled for choice. If you love more subtle results, opt for a soft light brown smokey while highlighting the eye contour with a black pencil.


Credit ph: Getty Images

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