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Eye makeup: fall winter 2017 2018 trends
Eye makeup: fall winter 2017 2018 trends

Glitter, smokey eyes and colored eyeliner are the main trends for Fall / Winter 2017-18 eye makeup. We have selected the coolest proposals to replicate

THE eye make up ofAutumn / Winter 2017-18 they are characterized by brightness and graphics.

The bosses are the ones glitter eyeshadows or shimmer on the entire eyelid. L'eyeliner explore new pop colors that add a touch of color to the beauty look.

L'gold in the metal variant lights up the eyes while thelight blue, both opaque and enriched with light points, is the coolest color for makeup that puts the eye in the center (but the stylists have also chosen it for the lips of the models). There is no shortage of intense or softer smokey eyes, ideal for the day.

We have selected from the backstage beauty of the catwalks A / I 2017-18 the most beautiful beauty looks to copy. Find your favorite.

Sparkling smokey eyes

The classic black smokey eys is blended with a bronze eyeshadow while the inner rim of the eye is defined by a black kohl. The final touch that makes this shade special? A shower of iridescent 3D micro glitter.

Credit ph: Daniela Losini

ELIE-SAAB-AI-17-18-15 foto daniela

Intense smokey eyes

Those who want to give even more depth to the look, can blend a matte black over the entire eyelid and in the lower rim by mixing it with a dark brown to create a two-tone effect.


Soft shades

Attention is focused on the gaze. The outer part is underlined by a shaded black pencil along the upper line. A golden eyeshadow gives a touch of color and plays down the finish.


Gold metal

Strictly gold metal accents access the eye that catches the eye. To replicate, choose a cream eyeshadow. And if you want to be daring, add some more glitter on the mobile lid.



A fluo green eyeliner colors the lower rhyme while pastel purple brushstrokes place the accent on the inner part of the eye. Choose a nude color for the lips.


Eyeliner craze

New color combinations and line overlays. For this season, eyeliner explores new graphics. The hottest color? Red, combined with black.


Graphic eyeliner

Space oddity for this proposal: a black line separates the silver base while the wispy lashes seal a super bright make-up.

Credit ph: 2017-18 Fall-Winter CHANEL Ready-To-Wear Show Backstage Makeup CHANEL © CHANEL 2017 Photos Benoît Peverelli


Sky-colored eyes

The color of the season? Light blue or blue declined in a thousand shades and with multiple effects. Among our favorites this eye makeup that elongates the look.


Colored eyeliner

The eyeliner is perfectly drawn along the upper line with a slight degradé effect, as if it were the stroke of a colored pen. Do you want to dare? Combine a lipstick of a cold shade like electric blue.

Credit ph: Francesca Merlo


Pop blue

This eyeshadow applied to the eyes is reminiscent of the make-up of the Sixties in order to create a precise geometric shape. To enhance the mood, a line of black eyeliner cannot be missing.


Bright eye makeup

From opaque geometries to super bright make-up. The eye is colored with a powder between gold and bronze while the eyebrows are very thick, as the trend (still) wants.


Bright eye make-up

The look lights up with a super bright make-up with a glitter finish. One of the most popular shades is light or pastel purple for a girly look.


All over glitter

Glitter eye makeup is a must for the fall season. Not only on the eyelids: the luminous cascade enhances the eyebrows. To be copied for a party in perfect eighties style.


Nude makeup and wild eyebrows

The bon ton effect is guaranteed with this no-make up make-up: a light brown powder warms the eyelids while the eyebrows are combed upwards for a decidedly wild result.


Cat eye make up

The watchword is elegance. The line is clean, lengthens the look for a cat eye make up that does not admit exaggeration. Add a line of white pencil along the lower inner line.


Splash effect

Another trend of the season is the gloss finish on the eyes. Its plus? With a simple gesture it enhances a nude make-up. Always blend a pencil along the eye contour and pass a very black mascara several times over the lashes.


Sixties graphics

Another look that re-proposes the seventies style but revised in a modern key thanks to a pop blue that fills the spaces between the thin lines of eyeliner.

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