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George and Charlotte traveling to Warsaw with William and Kate Middleton: photos
George and Charlotte traveling to Warsaw with William and Kate Middleton: photos

Kate Middleton and Prince William have arrived in Warsaw for a state trip, but everyone's eyes are on little George and Charlotte: here are the photos

Kate Middleton and Prince William have landed in Warsaw and with them there are also the princes George and Charlotte.

Only yesterday the royal couple applauded Roger Federer's victory from the stands of Wimbledonbut Monday comes for everyone and the Dukes of Cambridge have had to fulfill their court duties.

What will see them protagonists in the coming days will be a five day tour between Poland and Germany and we are ready to bet that to attract all the attention will be the two little ones of the Windsor house, struggling with theirs second official trip together.

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kate william polonia
kate william polonia

Kate, William and the diplomatic tour

The visit of the Dukes of Cambridge officially it has nothing to do with politics, even if the reality is different for the British media.

For many, in fact, the journey is an attempt to repair saw the abrupt decline in the image of Great Britain after Brexit.

Jonathan Knott welcomes them, British ambassador to Poland, with his wife Angela.

charlotte george aereo
charlotte george aereo

Eyes on George and Charlotte

Upon landing i princes seemed particularly intrigued, as theirs show faces crushed to see out the window who was waiting for them on the track of the Warsaw Chopin Airport, already dressed up with a lot of red carpet.

kate william george charlotte
kate william george charlotte

George and Charlotte on the road again

Little principles are beginning to fulfill, as it was for Dad William and Uncle Harry, to their court obligations.

For Charlotte, 2 years old, it is the second official trip, after the one in Canada last year, when he was only 15 months old.

George, on the other hand, is 4 years old next 22 July, he is already at his third visit.

Before Canada it had already been with parents in Australia when he was only 9 months old.

principe george broncio
principe george broncio

The sulking of Prince George

Like other times, even in this circumstance George did not seem particularly enthusiastic of the trip and showed his sulking again today, as already happened on the occasion of the baptism of his sister and the wedding of his aunt, Pippa Middleton.

And once again it was Prince William's turn convince him to get off the plane.

kate middleton charlotte aereo
kate middleton charlotte aereo

Charlotte's red dress

Unlike George, Charlotte looked rather amused from the reception of Polish diplomacy.

The baby wore a red dress with white flowers, paired with red shoes and perfectly in coordinated with Kate Middleton's white Alexander McQueen dress.

principe george polonia
principe george polonia

George's shorts

The little heir to the throne wore, as usual, a pair of shorts.

This type of clothing has generated some perplexity, especially when baby George was immortalized in Bermuda shorts in the middle of winter.

In fact, explains the label expert William Hanson, it is a' typically English custom:

«Long pants are for older kids and adults, while shorts are a silent affirmation of social labels in England.

Although times are (slowly) changing, a pair of long trousers on a child is considered 'bourgeois', almost provincial.

And no noble with a minimum of self-love would like to be assimilated to those who live in the suburbs, least of all the Duchess of Cambridge. '

kate middleton polonia
kate middleton polonia

The stops of William and Kate in Poland and Germany

The visit will continue in Warsaw during the day, where the Dukes of Cambridge will meet the Polish President Duda and the First Lady.

The program then provides that the couple move to Germany, where it will be welcomed by Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Among the activities also a rowing race on the Neckar River and a special visit to get to know the survivors of the Stutthof concentration camp.

kate william charlotte
kate william charlotte

The work of the Windsors

As heir to Queen Elizabeth, William is required to honor a variety of commitments it's at take the place of the sovereign in demonstrations and official visits.

He is his father at the moment, Prince Charles, the busiest as first in line of succession to the throne.

It has been calculated that the Prince of Wales has come to hold some 600 offices and thousands of trips.

William seems intent on following in his father's footsteps, especially now that he gave up his military career to fulfill his court duties.

The same goes for Kate, who as a spouse she must be at her husband's side on public occasions.