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Fall / Winter 2017-18 nails: all the trends
Fall / Winter 2017-18 nails: all the trends

From nude to pastels to gold and dark colors, discover with us the most glamorous manicures for next Autumn / Winter

The nail trends ofAutumn-Winter 2017-18 they are not limited only to darker colors - such as brown, the main shades in all make-up collections or like gray and blue - but also range towards more lively shades generally considered typical of the warmer season.

In addition to some evegreen shades such as pink, in more shades and finishes, and the black, for this season the nails they will be colored with shades glitter, metallic or pastel.

Do not miss the manicure nude which favors the milky pink while the classic Red is enriched with golden patterns that transform nail art into the protagonist of the beauty look.

Discover all the trends forAutumn-Winter 2017-18 and let yourself be inspired by the various trends!


Gold as an evergreen color. In a mirror-effect and very intense version, it becomes the highlight of the beauty look. The extra idea: combine manicure with eye makeup for special occasions.

tendenze smalti a-i 2017-18 (2)


Choose a multi-faceted nail art with a glitter finish.

tendenze smalti a-i 2017-18 (17)


Natural nails or colored with a flesh pink tint with a very discreet finish.

tendenze smalti a-i 2017-18 (3)

Light pink

A milky and creamy pink with a very elegant result can balance a beauty look that focuses on eyes or lips with more intense colors.

tendenze smalti a-i 2017-18 (4)


Who said pastel is only a spring color? We find it in a light blue version with a creamy finish also for this Autumn / Winter.

tendenze smalti a-i 2017-18 (5)


Black as a passepartout color. We really like it in a creamy lacquer, but you can always opt for a matte finish.

tendenze smalti a-i 2017-18 (6)


The new frontier for nail art addicted: the animalier pattern reproduced on the nails and created with fluorescent nuances.

tendenze smalti a-i 2017-18 (7)

Fuchsia fever

The coolest colors for next season? Fuchsia and purple, to choose for manicure and - why not - also for a matte effect lipstick.

tendenze smalti a-i 2017-18 (8)


If you prefer a two-tone nail art, make sure that there is a sharp contrast between the lacquers used: a very light shade, such as pink, is combined, for example, with a darker color such as purple or burgundy. Choose the nuances based on the accessories you will wear.

tendenze smalti a-i 2017-18 (9)


The usual red is banned. The golden stars drawn on every single nail catch the eye. Feel free to try different fantasies.

tendenze smalti a-i 2017-18 (11)


A classic color that this year has turned into a real asset. Brown conquers us, in all its variations. Choose a darker shade for the manicure.

tendenze smalti a-i 2017-18 (12)

Small works of art

Mix & match manicure with different textures and unusual colors. To try, but relying on an expert hand.

tendenze smalti a-i 2017-18 (13)

Antique pink

For the most romantic or for those looking for a perfect manicure for any occasion. It's hard to resist an antique pink nail art with a vintage mood.

tendenze smalti a-i 2017-18 (14)


It is the must-have trend of the season: the glitter on hands and eyes is to be experimented. Even in a softer version, like the one seen on the catwalks.

tendenze smalti a-i 2017-18 (16)

Between blue and gray

It's called peacock and it's the coolest shade of blue. The stylists who have chosen it for the manicure of the models during the fashion shows are well aware of this.

tendenze smalti a-i 2017-18

Pink gold

The base is a very light pink while the top coat is a transparent golden glitter. To be replicated even with darker lacquers.

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