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Céline Dion is a new style icon
Céline Dion is a new style icon

Céline Dion is the style icon of the moment. And these are the 5 reasons why everyone is talking about her (and her looks)

For a few weeks the fashion world has literally gone crazy for a new style icon. Forget the Alexa Chung, the Olivia Palermo or the bloggers on duty: the real muse of the moment is a planetary star… of yesterday.

Céline Dion bounces from a cover to a social network non-stop, all thanks to her stunning looks. Undisputed star of the latest Haute Couture shows in Paris, we saw her sitting to the right of Anna Wintour, divine in her looks Giambattista Valli, Gucci, Dior (just to name a few), dispense smiles, standing ovations and diva poses in front of the lenses of photographers, fans and onlookers.

We stood in silence and watched but now the time has come to admit that we too have been swept away by cyclone Céline. AND we tell you the 5 reasons why it has literally conquered us.


1. Because Céline does not forgetDespite a record career (the first album recorded at 13!), For those who are not a true fan, Céline “is Titanic”. My heart will go on is a milestone and she doesn't think about forgetting it, let alone making it forget. This is why her look with a sweatshirt by Vetements with print of the film was a hit. Every night in our dreams.


2. Because Céline is ironicA hot dog on the streets of New York after the MET Gala, wrapped in a fabulous dress Versace. He could hole up in the Plaza and call room service like any star, but no. And without shame we also missed a shot on Instagram. Because knowing how to make fun of yourself is also a sign of elegance. Beware of imitations, certain things cannot be learned.


3. Because Céline is not afraidNo mystery: behind this change of look there is the hand of a skilled stylist, Law Roach. What he himself wanted to point out is that Dion is not afraid to dare, the clothes are all hers and there is nothing planned behind it. She wears whatever she wants, based on the mood of the day. A bit like us in short.


4. Because Celine is an example to followThe last time we had heard of her in a massive way was in January 2016, due to the sad death of her longtime partner. After 21 years of marriage, 3 children and a career built together, it was not easy for Céline.She smiled again and yet she made it. As her stylist confesses, the change of look helped her a lot, encouraging her to have fun and experiment.


5. Because it makes us dreamWrapped in Haute Couture masterpieces, immortalized in diva poses of yesteryear, Dion makes us dream of that unattainable and now forgotten Hollywood glam. In an era in which stars are increasingly accessible and low profile, or at least they try, she maintains a certain decorum. Céline is unique.

You haven't had enough, have you? Take a look at this roundup: on stage or on the red carpet, all the Céline Dions to get to know.

All Celine Dion looks

Celine Dion in a Dior shirt dress.
Celine Dion in Giambattista Valli.
Total white, wide-brimmed hat over a scarf that surrounds the hair, sunglasses and cape. A journey into the magnificent 70s. Credits: SplashNews
Celine Dion in Gucci.
Midi skirt with jewel appliqués, coral blouse that falls softly. Simply perfect!
Celine Dion as we have never seen it before: "metal band" style t-shirt and maxi coat in python.
Celine Dion in Gucci.
Celine Dion in a sporty-minimal version.
Celine Dion with a fluo yellow maxi dress, biker jacket and Céline bag.
The soft blouse becomes rock with a leather dungaree. But the detail we prefer is the jewel glasses.
Celine Dion in Zuhair Murad, Gucci sandals. Credits: SplashNews
At the Met Gala in Versace.
Complete jacket and floral trousers. Quick and easy.
Celine Dion with a fluo yellow maxi dress, biker jacket and Céline bag.
Super chic day look in shades of pink. As a career woman.
On the stage of the Billboard Music Awards she performed in her "My heart will go on" dressed in Stephane Rolland Haute Couture. Credits: SplashNews
Celine is also sensitive to the trend of the pajama-style silk suit. Test passed with flying colors.
Certainly chic, but with a more gritty and less "set" touch.
A suit, with maxi flared trousers, another perfectly successful seasonal trend.
Posing, with a total Dior look. That charm!
Only in terms of color: military green matches black leather and is softened by a soft silhouette.
Natural palette, Céline bag and a pair of earrings. Credits: SplashNews

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