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Weekend in Hamburg: what to do, where to go
Weekend in Hamburg: what to do, where to go

Hamburg is eclectic, modern, lively: there are so many things you can do and see in a weekend in the second German city after Berlin

Full of young people, full of green spaces, recently renovated urban areas, shopping streets always full e eclectic restaurants.

Here you go Hamburg, second city of the Germany after Berlin, favorite tourist destination for young Germans.

Perhaps because it is considered a great place to study or perhaps because of the urban regeneration that has made it so lively in recent years.

The airport is close by and in a weekend you can live the main experiences and discover the most interesting tourist and non-tourist sites: wake up in a boutique hotel where each room is different from the other, walks to the Town Hall, which presents a very particular mix of architectural styles.

Then feed and caress the swans, indulge in some (always healthy) shopping in the streets of great luxury or in those of the department stores, finally discover the typical flavors or put on a nice dress for a fusion restaurant or harbor view, without forgetting a drink in the nightlife district.

If we have intrigued you, here is the to do list for a weekend in Hamburg.


1. Get lost in HafenCity

You should get lost in the historic alleys of the cities

And instead let's start with what is considered a new neighborhood. Hafencity in recent years it has in fact undergone a rapid redevelopment, with the aim of reviving the area thanks to a new use of the harbor buildings, which have not been used for some time.

An urban reconversion that now offers not only housing, shops, restaurants and small galleries, but also original buildings, cycle paths, areas to share with young - and often fascinating - managers.

You can also meet them when they leave their offices, at sunset: the lights are all to be photographed.

If you like this city panorama, don't miss the Speicherstadt, that is the so-called City of Warehouses.

Amburgo credit Hamburg Tourismus

2. Discover the center and enter the Town Hall

111 meters of facade for 112 of central tower: it is the Hamburg Town Hall, which in the course of history has undergone several reconstructions, also following fires.

Architecture lovers they will find a little baroque, a little gothic and even a neo-Renaissance touch.

Fans of science and art (for them there are also the Kunsthalle, a gallery with a large number of very famous paintings, and the Deichtorhallen exhibition center) they will be able to enter to find out which temporary exhibition is available for visitors, the others will stop to take just a couple of photos: but it is worth at least passing by and stroll on this huge pedestrian square.

cigno amburgo

3. Caress the swans on the Alster

With your back to the Town Hall, cross the pedestrian square and go down those steps that take you right on the river.

If the day isn't particularly hot, it's not uncommon the swans spontaneously approach, perhaps looking for some food from your hands.

If you have a breadstick or a cracker you will have won them over and it will be very easy to be able to caress them: a unique emotion for those who love animals.

Elbphilharmonie Amburgo credits Hamburg Tourismus

4. Visit the Elbphilharmonie

When you begin to glimpse it, you will be amazed and you will forget the fact that you cannot pronounce the name of this gigantic building.

In theory it is a concert hall - there are many Hamburgers who play and the musical culture is very much felt throughout the city - in practice it also hosts restaurants, a hotel and various apartments.

A jewel of the most modern design: how the panorama was not already suggestive from the completely glass walls, go out to the terrace.

The challenge is to be able to take a selfie without the wind bringing your hair in front of your face. And tails and cignons are not worth it.

When you exit, go through and take a seat at Carl's Brasserie.

Order the pan-fried fish: typical and, according to the citizens of Hamburg themselves, one of the best in the city.

Amburgo credits Hamburg Tourismus

5. Indulge in some shopping

Start at the main shopping street, Mönckebergstrasse, between fashion boutiques and department stores.

Then head into the Mellin-Passage, the oldest shopping arcade in the city, complete with stained glass windows and frescoes.

In addition it connects Alsterarkaden street with Neuer Wall street, where shopping becomes even more luxurious.

Reeperbahn Hamburgo credits Hamburg Tourismus

6. Immerse yourself in the local nightlife

Choose St. Pauli and, specifically, the via Reeperbahn, for your lively evening of Hamburg entertainment: a kilometer of bars, night clubs and disco-pubs.

Listen to a little live music to begin with: did you know that, when they were just rookies, the Beatles performed in these placesthe?

Izakaya ristorante fusion Amburgo

7. Where to eat

Hamburg is one of the most German destinations interesting from a gastronomic point of view.

Here, in fact, most of the restaurants they don't offer meat but excellent dishes based on fish, thanks to its proximity to the Baltic Sea.

So it is not uncommon to find shrimps, eels, but also lobsters and various bottom fish, alongside shanks, pork sausages and frankfurters.

In street food kiosks try the Bismarck sandwich with herring, onion and gherkins, in the typical taverns the alasuppe, eel soup with an ancient recipe, and to follow the fischpfanne, like our Italian fish pan, but with vegetables and sauces.

Treat yourself, however, to a fusion dinner: this type of cuisine is becoming increasingly popular in Hamburg and it is worth wearing a nice dress for a gourmet dining experience.

Try Izakaya, the restaurant of the Entourage Group which is also based in Amsterdam, Munich and Ibiza. And in a few years it is expected to open also in Milan.

Romantic and attention to detail: to try the tuna tartare in the ice ball, wagyu and foie gras ravioli, braised duck with soy sauce and … an assortment of desserts.

Sir Nikolai hotel Amburgo

8. Where to sleep

Campus e favorite destination of the Germans themselves, Hamburg offers numerous possibilities (and for all budgets) to sleep.

If you love originality and a "smart" luxury, choose the Sir Nikolai Hotel: very central and inaugurated in June 2017, proposes rooms full of details and color - each, for example, has different paintings, posters and books - and equipped with every comfort, from comfortable mattresses to a very well-stocked mini bar, to perfumed body creams, rosemary, and staff informed about every event in the city.

Don't miss the breakfast: fluffy pancakes.

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