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Six cheap and beautiful trips to do this summer
Six cheap and beautiful trips to do this summer

From the sea to the lake, passing through the mountains and the city, here are the six most beautiful low cost places to discover this summer

There is a extensive list of magnificent places to discover, outside the most important mass tourism circuits.

With equally suggestive beaches, crystal clear waters, breathtaking cliffs, fascinating lakes, cities to get lost in and villages to photograph.

Most importantly, there is a nourishment list of great places to discover that are also cheap: zero sacrifices, therefore, and all the comforts of a holiday.

With lots of nightlife and good food.

We have selected six, come on Slovenian landscapes to the most unknown Greece, give her Portuguese cliffs of Albufeira to the transparent waters of Albania, up to the parties in Montenegro or to the foodies paradise that it is Tel Aviv, Israel.

Slovenia, Portorose (credits I Feel Slovenia)
Slovenia, Portorose (credits I Feel Slovenia)

1. Eclectic Slovenia

Sea, hills, rivers, lakes, mountains, culture. In Slovenia there is everything.

And from Italy, passing through Friuli Venezia Giulia, it's a moment.

If the sea - Piran, Portoroz, Koper - your only interest is to choose to stay about 10 kilometers from the beaches to save some money.

In Ljubljana you sleep in 3 or 4 star rooms even with 50 euros per night per person, which become 100 if you head to the exclusive Bled.

Suggestive both to visit during the day and to discover in the evening, Maribor is perfect for nightlife: and hotel prices are affordable all year round.

Albania credits Visit Albania
Albania credits Visit Albania

2. Crystal clear beaches in Albania

Since the summer of 2016, its beaches have also been stormed by Italians, fascinated by cliffs, seabed and crystal clear water of this country, which offers a low cost tourist, within everyone's reach.

Llaman, Karaburun, Himara, Borsh, Ksamil, Dhërmi, Jalë and the so-called Porto Palermo and the Albanian Riviera are among the places not to be missed for a relaxing bath in the blue.

In high season, you sleep in a hotel even for less than 40 euros per night per person, while with 60/80 euros you can also opt for a four-star hotel.

Algarve credits Visit Algarve
Algarve credits Visit Algarve

3. Cliffs and nightlife in Albufeira, Portugal

Cliffs plunging into the sea and beautiful beaches, but also surfing and nightlife.

Those unfamiliar with Albufeira, in the heart of the Algarve region, in the south of Portugal, he must go there at least once in his life: in the evening they choose restaurants offering menus based on local recipes, mostly fish.

Continue with music and dance in Avenida Dr. Francisco Sà Carneiro: one parade of clubs and pubs to have fun all night long.

From hostels to three-star hotels, up to the apartments, there is only the embarrassment of choice.

serifos credits Visit Greece
serifos credits Visit Greece

4. Greece, the unspoiled Serifos

From Piraeus (Athens) take a ferry and wait two hours: it will lead you to Serifos, an island of untouched nature, with crystalline beaches and white houses, typical of Greece.

Movida completely non-existent, silence and long baths: this is it ideal destination for those looking for a little relaxation.

Since it is almost completely unknown or in any case little known to mass tourism, you can sleep with a few tens of euros: on Airbnb there are nice apartments with sea view a twenty euros a night for one, if you are two.

If the house splits into four or more, the price drops again.

If you have any doubts about what to pack, here is a guide to the perfect luggage to take to Greece.

Budva, Montenegro, credits Visit Montenegro
Budva, Montenegro, credits Visit Montenegro

5. Fjords and disc in Montenegro

Not only is it a good compromise between sea and mountains, but it is also one of the emerging destinations of 2017.

You can arrive by plane landing in Podgorica and Tivat, but from Italy there are maritime connections with ferries from Bari and Ancona.

The Bay of Cattaro is one of the most fascinating fjords in Italy and it's worth a visit.

Alternate the days by the sea, where there is definitely more crowd, with those at the lake, quieter.

In the evening, it's all between Ulcinj and Budva (yes, Samsara is part of the Riccione and Gallipoli group): here, in high season, there are also four stars hotel less than 100 euros per night in a double room, that is 50 euros for one.

Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv

6. Lively and young Tel Aviv, Israel

It is not a city that can be defined properly economic.

But on the other hand it offers numerous possibilities to live well by spending little.

Being an ideal city for a young tourismin fact, there are many upscale hostels to stay and meet people from all over the world.

And in structures like the Beachfront Hostel, for example, you can also choose a double room with private bathroom at an advantageous price.

Transports? If you love walking you can do without buses: Tel Aviv is not huge and the main points of interest can be reached on foot or, at most, by renting a bicycle.

Israel is one of the perfect destinations for real foodies: from the typical to the international, there is only the embarrassment of choice.

And for all budgets: with about two euros, in some places in the city, you can eat one pita with typical falafel.