35 make-up removers perfect for summer
35 make-up removers perfect for summer

Different textures: micellar water, gel, oil, 3-in-1 hybrids, to make the demaquillage operation faster and more practical in the summer (not even the laziest will have excuses!)

Removing make-up is the fundamental step of evening beauty routine. It is forbidden to go to bed with your face still "smeared" with make-up! We have chosen many of the novelties new makeup removers also 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 so as to reduce the steps of evening cleansing.

Micellar water, oil, mousse, cleansing or revitalizing gel: you are spoiled for choice among the 35 we have selected to meet everyone's needs. May the summer "make-up" be with you!

All in 1 Toning Cleanser AhavaIn addition to completely removing make-up, impurities and daily dirt, this cleansing milk moisturizes and tones the skin and performs an astringent action against any enlarged pores. Suitable for both the face and the eyes, its formula is delicate and keeps the skin's pH unaltered.

thumbnail_AHAVA clear-all in one toning cleanser

& Other Stories Chamray Micellar WaterThe & Other Stories micelle water is based on flowers and aloe vera that deeply cleanse but at the same time moisturize and perfume the skin.

& Other Stories_Chamray Micellar Water_Cotton Care

La Roche Posay Ultra Oily Skin Micellar WaterPrecisely because not all skins are the same, even the make-up remover must be as specific as possible: this is designed for very oily skin and balances the presence of sebum.


Nectar de Roses Eau Fraiche Micellaire MelvitaIt delicately scents pink, removes make-up and gives freshness.

Acqua micellare ROSE NECTAR_Melvita

Gelée Micellaire Pivoine L'Occitane Make-up Remover The texture is in gel but works like micellar waters: the micelles inside capture the dirt on the face, lips and eyes. Inside the peony extract that gives softness to the skin.

GelÇe GelÇe Micellare Struccante_L’Occitane

Sanskrit Saponis NiodThis cleansing balm has a neutral pH which helps not to be aggressive on the skin; in addition, the properties of Ayurvedic herbs help moisturize the epidermis.

thumbnail_NIOD – Sanskrit Saponins 180ml

Cleansing Foam Face and Eyes Olive & lavender ApivitaIt smells of Greece, the land it comes from, the Apivita make-up remover with the properties of lavender and olive oil, both highly nourishing, inside.


Armani Prima CleanserThe peculiarity of this cleanser is its wet & dry technology: on the one hand it is cleansing oil and on the other it is slightly moist, which makes it similar to a foam and has a formula rich in almond oil.


Biosource Total Renew Oil BiothermOily texture for this make-up remover which, in addition to removing make-up, purifies and above all performs an anti-smog action so as to completely cleanse the skin.

BIOSOURCE_Total Renew Oil

Essential Face Wash Comfort ZoneCleansing format, it is very creamy and is perfect for cleansing the face both in the morning, during the normal routine, and in the evening to eliminate impurities. It is designed for young and normal-combination skin.

Comfort Zone_Essential_Face Wash

Cleansing Powder DeclarèThe formula is ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive, and has a sugar-based powder texture that must be mixed with a little water in order to transform it into a light foam to spread on the face.

Declarè_Gentle Cleansing Powder

Rose de Vie Cleanser Dr. SebaghThe main ingredient is the spring water of the Breton pink granite coasts, perennially oxygenated by the waves, while the apricot oil cleanses and the anti-pollution filter eliminates and protects from external damage.


Power Foaming Cleanser Dr BrandtIn foam, it acts delicately on the face, eliminating make-up and impurities, and also protects against free radicals that cause skin aging.

DR. BRANDT_XYY-Foaming-Cleanser-Pack-Shot-Cap-No-Back

Pur Bleuet, Delicate Make-up Remover for Sensitive Eyes Yves RocherThe secret ingredient is cornflower, the blue flower grown in La Gacilly, in the north of France, which guarantees extreme sensitivity so as to be ideal as an eye make-up remover even for contact lens wearers.

YVES ROCHER_Pur Bleuet Occhi Sensibili

Black Cleansing Oil ErborianBased on charcoal, this oil in contact with warm water becomes a very delicate emulsion that eliminates all impurities thanks to the action of its main ingredient, famous for its purifying properties. Also suitable for waterproof make-up, it is used on the face, eyes and lips.

Erborian_Black Cleansing Oil 190ML

Cleansing Wipes SephoraColorful, Sephora wipes are in travel format and each shade corresponds to an ingredient and a function: red is Pomegranate and is perfect for cleansing face and eyes.

Sephora – CleansingWipes_Grenade HD

2-in-1 Cleansing Micellar Gel + Light Make-up Remover CliniqueThe new Clinique make-up remover designed to simplify women's lives will be available from August: it cleanses and removes make-up in a single step thanks to the micelles but also to natural extracts that keep the level of hydration high.


Le Bi-Phase Visage ChanelThe new make-up remover consists of two phases, an oily one with the salicornia extract and an aqueous one with the blue microalgae which, when mixed, create a milky solution suitable for eliminating impurities from the entire face, including the eyes.


Bioderma Micellar WaterIt is the first micellar water created and presented on the market in 1991; it is available for sensitive, mixed-oily and dehydrated skin.

Sensibio H2O 250ml

Gentle Cleansing Gel La BiosthetiqueComposed of 100% natural ingredients, it has a very fresh scent, thanks to geranium and lemon, and its delicate texture makes it also suitable for the eyes.

Skin_Botanique_002613_Gentle_Cleansing_Gel_150ml_03.2017_sRGB Kopie

Cleansing Gel Susanne KaufmannInside, a mix of alpine herbs that help smooth and purify, as well as perform an anti-bacterial action. The texture is gel.

Susanne Kaufmann_Cleansing Gel

Eau Effective Démaquillant Doux SisleyBased on the epidermal properties of three plants, this make-up remover has a fresh but very silky texture that helps cleanse the face and eyes but also tones the skin so as to give it brightness and freshness.


Purifying Micellar Water Pollution FreeThe principle is that of specific micellar water, however, for pollution; inside is zeolite, a volcanic mineral that eliminates all dirt without attacking the skin.


Cleansing Micellar Water La MerNot only does it eliminate impurities but, even when the face is not made up, it is perfect because it cleanses the face preparing it for the night routine.


Clarifying Tonic Express Clarins2 in 1, cleanser and tonic, it is perfect for the lazy ones, for those who are always on the go and for the holidays because it performs the double action of cleansing and moisturizing, giving the skin radiance.

thumbnail_Demaquillant Tonique Express CMYK

Somatoline Cosmetic Delicate Make-up Remover WipesThey cleanse the whole face, including eyes and lips, and moisturize it; moreover, the particular micro-velvety texture allows you to spread the make-up remover on the skin in a delicate way so as to be tolerated even by the most sensitive.

thumbnail_LE Salviettine stuccanti

Facial cleansing gel based on Wycon floral waters It soothes and refreshes thanks to the floral waters of rose centifolia and chamomile while the extracts of blueberry and lemon make the skin more toned and elastic.


Gel Démaquillant Fondant aux pétales de rose NuxeAlso present in oil, this make-up remover acts with extreme delicacy, eliminating all impurities.


Uriage Water Cleansing GelInside, the Uriage thermal water helps to soothe the epidermis and keep the hydrolipidic film of the skin unaltered so as to ensure skin softness and avoid the problem of "tight" skin. It is also a perfect ally to the sea, especially when the skin appears red and dry.


Ten Science Nourishing Cleansing MilkRich and creamy texture for this cleanser that restores radiance to the complexion while maintaining the skin's moisture balance.

thumbnail_TeN Science_face-essentials-latte-detergente-nutriente

Delicalma L’Erbolario Micellar Facial WaterThe Delicalma complex, with extracts of ginger, oats and helichrysum, together with the distilled waters of chamomile and ginger help to hydrate the skin, clean it and avoid skin redness.


Micellar Mousse Proage Lift 3 in 1 Olos FaceAnother product designed for the laziest, this 3-in-1 removes make-up, cleanses and tones the skin; the texture is in mousse so as to free the skin of impurities while the active ingredients help to maintain epidermal luminosity.

thumbnail_Olos – Olosage – Mousse Micellare Pro Age

Salba Micellar Water Face & EyesMallow extract, aloe vera and chamomile make this micellar water suitable for even the most delicate skin and perfect for giving hydration right after cleansing.


Balms Away The BalmVitamins A, C and E characterize this solid make-up remover suitable even for the most sensitive skin. Not only that, but its particular format allows you to take it safely in flight avoiding disasters.

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