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The new products for August signed by IKEA
The new products for August signed by IKEA

In feverish anticipation of the 2018 Catalog, IKEA presented its latest novelties that anticipate the theme of the year: "we are made to change". Discover them with us

Life today is increasingly liquid and dynamic e IKEA responds to the call with products that are always new, functional and at the same time creative, in step with the times and above all in step with change.

And this is precisely the change - the theme chosen by the Swedish giant for the coming year, perfectly expressed by the claim "We are made to change" and anticipated, pending the release of Catalog 2018 (very close!), from a series of innovative, colorful and fresh products, perfect for summer and beyond.

The innovations concern various environments and areas of the home and are characterized by a particular look at sustainability.

Discover the most beautiful in preview with us.

The ODGER chair

In addition to being a design icon, the chair ODGER it is made with an innovative material, consisting of a mix of wood and plastic - more than 50% of which is recycled. With its curved lines and concave seat, ODGER is comfortable even when sitting for a long time, at the table or in a meeting, at home or at work.


The KOARP armchair

The new armchair KOARP it has a linear and modern design and is ideal for relaxation. Comfortable and sturdy, it leaves ample room for customization: the practical pocket on the back for magazines or tablets makes it a unique and absolutely contemporary design object. The legs are available in black and white and the covers in different colors: golden yellow, light green, light blue, smoky gray, beige, dark brown and black. All covers are removable and water washable, allowing you to renew your style whenever you want.


The FADO table lamp

Creating a warm ambient light at home is easy with the table lamp FADO. The glass globe, colored in a soft yellow or gray, has an old-world charm that you can enhance by choosing a light bulb like LUNNOM, with the shape of traditional incandescent bulbs and the low energy consumption of modern LEDs.


The MAJORNA floor and table lamp

The floor and table lamps MAJORNA allow you to create a welcoming ambient light. Thanks to the two layers of high quality paper applied by hand to a metal structure, a three-dimensional effect and a warm mood light are obtained. LED lamps consume up to 85% less energy than traditional bulbs and last up to 20 times longer. Maximum light, minimum energy expenditure!


The MYRHEDEN bulletin board

MYRHEDEN It is ideal both as a frame and as a showcase and let your creativity run free: the thin brass-colored metal grid is equipped with twelve clips to which you can hang photographs or small objects as you wish. On the underside you will also find hooks that make it also useful as a storage compartment.


The NÖDEBO carpet

A handmade product has a particular charm, linked to the time and care with which it was created. Each carpet NÖDEBO it is unique and has different shades of green. It is made of hand-woven wool by expert craftsmen, in organized centers in India and Bangladesh born thanks to an IKEA initiative that aims to guarantee weavers safe working conditions and fair wages.


Cushion covers GILLHOV and MAJBRITT

The new cushion covers are inspired by tropical patterns. GILLHOV it features leaves in different shades of green and yellow on a beige background and has the same high quality fabric and the same pattern as other sofas and armchairs in the IKEA assortment, with which it coordinates perfectly.

The cushion cover MAJBRITT, in a ramie and cotton blend, it has a side depicting flamingos and a more neutral side.

PH145091 PH144650

Sofa bed HAMMARN

Perfect example of Scandinavian simplicity, the sofa bed HAMMARN it has a harmonious design and is easy to transform into a comfortable double bed - it only takes 30 seconds. With its price, among the lowest on the market, the HAMMARN sofa bed offers excellent value for money.


The new series SLÄKT

A series created for children around the world aged 8 to 12. The bed is the central element of the bedroom. In this age group, friends become more and more important: this is why it is possible to choose between different solutions to take advantage of the space under the bed SLÄKT, designed to enjoy moments of relaxation and the company of friends. In addition to a lower bed with drawers, this multifunctional series also includes an element with wheels that can become a practical bedside table and a seat with storage underneath. Everything is designed to be fun and playful without neglecting, of course, the safety requirements that all baby products must meet.


TILLAGD cutlery set

Cutlery TILLAGD add style to the occasion table. The brass color, in particular, is an impressive detail that allows you to set the table with style and character. And when the party is over, all you have to do is put them in the dishwasher.


SNOFSA watch

Metal is a must when you want to add a touch of glamor to your home. SNOFSA is a brass-colored watch with a strong personality. With its brass hands that stand out against the black dial, it combines functionality and style.


The TILLSYN hourglass

The carefully chosen objects arouse interest and help create a pleasant overall effect. The hourglass TILLSYN, with its unique shape and golden sand, it gives a glamorous note to the house.


PINNARP worktop

It perfectly combines the beauty of wood and respect for nature. The chipboard worktop covered with solid ash is made with an innovative and sustainable technology that allows for a durable and water and moisture resistant top using less wood. This technology also allows you to create surfaces with a unique finish, which give the top its distinctive character. PINNARP it retains its beauty over time and, like all IKEA countertops, is guaranteed for 25 years.


The ÖSTERNÄS leather handles

The leather handles ÖSTERNÄS they are a natural detail that enhances all furniture. The leather is obtained from the scraps of other production processes, so no new resources have been used. Durable and water resistant, they are perfect for everyday use and can be used both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. They are available in two sizes, with a standard distance between the holes, and allow you to renew furniture in a natural way.

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