Power Her Coice: the Benetton and UNFPA campaign
Power Her Coice: the Benetton and UNFPA campaign

Benetton takes a stand for women with a global campaign launched alongside the United Nations Fund


A message to protect the right of women to choose when to have one pregnancy and an international framework for disseminating it: the London Summit on Family Planning organized by the British Government.

For the occasion, United Colors of Benetton and the United Nations UNFPA Fund, team up once again for the launch of one global campaign.

The latest in question is called Power Her Choices and aims to defend the right of women to decide freely if and when to become pregnant.

The main image of the campaign shows a light bulb in the shape of a womb. That same is also the protagonist of an installation of lights that turn on and off to form phrases such as 'I am pregnant', 'I am not ready to pregnant'.

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