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Quick hairstyles to do in less than 3 minutes
Quick hairstyles to do in less than 3 minutes

10 super cool hairstyles for those with limited minutes, stopwatch in hand

Raise your hand if you dream of having ultra glamorous hair but fight against time tyrant every morning. You won't believe it, but the hairstyles trendy and fast exist.

We have selected 10 for you between the street style looks and those seen on the catwalk, to be created in less than 3 minutes.

Ready, steady, go!

Messy top-knot

Brush your hair by gathering it upwards with a rubber band - 30 sec.

Form a chignon without fixing all the strands - 1 min.


Collected with headband

Comb your hair back - 15 sec.

Twist them into a torchon - 30 sec.

Roll it up and fix it randomly with a pair of bobby pins - 30 sec.

Complete the look with a precious headband by stopping the locks - 10 sec.


Side hairpin

Comb your hair with a side parting - 45 sec.

Stop the locks on the side opposite the line with a hairpin, leaving it visible - 15 sec.

"Dirt" your fingers with wax and pass them on the roots - 30 sec.


Low side tail

Comb your hair and make a side parting - 45 sec.

Bring your hair to the side and tie the ponytail with an elastic, at the bottom near the nape - 30 sec.


High ponytail

Spray an anti-frizz polishing spray - 15 sec.

Comb your hair back, untying all the knots - 1 min.

Collect them into a high ponytail, stopping them mid-back - 30 sec.


Seeds harvested with torchon

Do a middle part without combing your hair too much - 20 sec.

Take the strands on the sides and twist them in two twists - 1.45 min.

Stop the torchon behind the neck with an invisible elastic - 20 sec.


Samurai bun

If you have medium length hair, pull your hair down at the nape of your neck - 20 sec.

Secure them with a rubber band by folding them to create a samurai bun - 30 sec.


'70s range

Apply a texturizing product and wrinkle the hair with your hands - 1 min.

Put a Seventies-flavored headband on your forehead, leaving your hair free - 15 sec.


Velvet headband

Comb your hair and make a central line - 45 sec.

Pass a velvet ribbon under the nape and behind the ears, closing it with a side bow - 30 sec.


Side braids

Divide the hair with a central line - 20 sec.

Take the strands near the parting on the sides of the forehead and make two braids - 2.30 min.


Credit ph.: Mondadori Photo

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