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Kim Kardashian and the cocaine on the table: that's what's happening
Kim Kardashian and the cocaine on the table: that's what's happening

Kim Kardashian posts a video on Snapchat and a cocaine scandal erupts, while she denies and denies: here's what's going on

Kim Kardashian was accused of using cocaine after posting a video on her Snapchat profile.

In the past few hours, in fact, Kim posted a video in which he talked about Kids Supply, the new children's clothing line created with Kanye West.

And, shortly after, he decided to share the video also on the Twitter profile, where however some users have left out the content to focus on a detail behind it.

While Kim speaks, in fact, you see a small table behind him, on which (as seen circled in red in the photo below, taken from the video) two white lines appear, which many have begun to claim were two strips of cocaine.

All false

We explain to you what happened and what is the truth.

kim kardashian snapchat cocaina

The first reaction on Twitter

Given the flurry of comments and requests for explanation to the video, Kim he decided to retort quickly, on Twitter:

“I don't like playing with chatter like this, so I'll shut it up right away.

That It's sugar from the candy mess we got at Dylan's Candy Shop."

kim kardashian tweet cocaina

Response deemed not credible

Kim's response did not convince users, convinced that the sorry it was too trivial and already used by anyone caught in the act.

In fact, many have suspected the fact that the two strips were perfectly parallel.

Too much to be sugar spilled from a bag of candy.

kim kardashian pianto

Kim's new (and definitive) answer

At this point it has come a new video, where Kim is back in her hotel room and shows how the table is in the same position and again with the two white stripes:

“I just got back to my room and as you can see the table is still there. I saw the photo and since we had been to Dylan's Candy I thought it might be sugar that we had paid.

But the truth is that the table is a marble table

So please, I don't like these games, I have children and I would never do such a thing. '

In the video (you can see two still images below) Kim passes his hand several times over the two white stripes to show that it is only the veins of the marble.

kim kardashian cocaina


A few years ago too Khloe Kardashian was accused of using drugs at Kendall and Kylie Jenner's graduation party.

"Boys, you manage to mount everything. No, no one used cocaine at the graduation party, in broad daylight, surrounded by teenagers and with 15 cameras on.

We are not as wild as you want to believe. Drugs are not our style,”she had been there response from Kim's younger sister.

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