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10 small pools perfect for any garden
10 small pools perfect for any garden

Do you think that to have a swimming pool you necessarily need a large garden? These examples will make you change your mind

Make the most of the potential of your own small garden, managing to obtain inside also one pool well proportioned, it is not a mission impossible.

Although outdoor spaces extended over large surfaces allow greater articulation, even at a functional level, through careful design and using ingenious solutions, you can get the most out of even a small garden.

Thanks to the wide range of pools available and the possibility of customization, even in terms of finishes and systems, even an x-small space can be transformed into an oasis of well-being and relaxation. Just like in these 10 examples.

Surrounded by greenery

Set among tropical plants, this longitudinal swimming pool was placed close to the perimeter of the house. A small podium welcomes a pair of comfortable sun loungers. Photo Credits: Pinterest / thepeonylim


With wooden flooring

Accompanied by a slight entrance staircase, this rectangular pool is also equipped with a lateral water jet that guarantees a pleasant massage effect in the cervical area. Photo Credits: Pinterest / gzatoplyaeva


The classic mini-pool

Variation in depth and rigorous shape for this mini-pool carved out of the home garden. Note: the use of the same wood cladding, both as a floor and on the wall, with a pleasing visual result. Photo Credits: Pinterest / wormy


The added value of the garden

Small dimensions, but comfort assured with this swimming pool located in the center of a small garden and destined to become its protagonist. In addition to the cladding edge, the lawn makes its way. Impossible to resist it! Photo Credits: Pinterest / goldilocks165


What if it were circular?

Without costly excavation operations, you can enrich your garden with an elevated whirlpool tub. As in the example, it can still "blend in" with the outdoor space through a reference in line with the rest of the flooring. Photo Credits: Pinterest / jennessy7


Ever thought about the veranda?

Is the space in the garden actually limited or is it occupied by trees and shrubs that cannot be removed? There are those who, not wanting to give up the domestic luxury of a small swimming pool, decide to intervene on the veranda, with an operation of excavation and adaptation of the systems. Photo Credits: Pinterest / vibhupillai


Like a precious glass case

The rigorous shape of this mini-pool is emphasized by the presence of a balustrade, placed on three sides, made of crystal plates. A way to fully define the scope of this outdoor equipment. Photo Credits: Pinterest / MynamesLaLa


Swimming pool… with a view

Ingenious and captivating this model of swimming pool that develops in depth, acting as a connecting element between two levels. The strong point? Certainly the unusual and curious side opening. Photo Credits: Pinterest / bettigold


Open onto the dining area

Eating outdoors, overlooking the pool: a dream that you cannot but share! Even with a small external surface, the two functions can be associated, balancing the space to be assigned to each. Photo Credits: Pinterest / Princessitha01


Between rocks and trees

Excellent for cooling off from the summer heat, this mini-pool is perfectly harmonized with the rest of the outdoor space through the use of stone, as a side cladding. A choice that is consistent with the rest of the house, in which different natural materials are used. Photo Credits: Pinterest / angelappb

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