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Ten avocado toasts to try this summer
Ten avocado toasts to try this summer

From salmon to bacon through gorgonzola: ten combinations to try for mouth-watering avocado toast

Avocado he has been on the crest of the wave for some time now, loved for his beneficial properties and its propensity a to marry well with very different dishes.

The most immediate and often tasty way to prepare it is in its most famous form, spread on a slice of bread to train the very instagrammatissimi avocado toast.

Same base, a wide range of possible combinations, one better than the other.

Here are ten ideas, all to try.

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avocado toast mango aragosta

Avocado toast with mango and lobster

Ingrediants: lobster (or lobster), two teaspoons of mayonnaise, one lemon, one avocado, one mango, bread, oil, salt


Cut the bread into slices, season with oil and salt and put it to toast in the oven for a few minutes until it becomes crunchy.

Boil the lobsters in a saucepan and let them cool before pulling out the pulp.

Put the mayonnaise in a bowl, grate a little lemon peel and pour a little juice.

Add the lobsters and small pieces of mango and chop everything.

Spread the avocado on the slices of bread and pour the mixture with the lobster on top.

Decorate with a few more pieces of mango and serve.

avocado toast limone sale

Avocado toast with pink pepper, lime and coarse salt


A baguette, 3 avocados, pink salt, 1-2 limes, coarse salt


Cut the baguette into slices and bake them to make croutons.

Meanwhile with a fork mash the avocados until you get a mush.

Add the juice and a little grated lime zest.

Spread on the croutons and on the surface chop the pink pepper and add a few grains of coarse salt.

avocado toast salmone

Avocado toast with smoked salmon and radishes

Ingrediants: bread, olive oil, a clove of garlic, 2 avocados, a lemon, 4 radishes, 150 grams of smoked salmon, chives, salt


After toasting the sliced ​​bread, rub the garlic over it and season them with oil and salt.

Mash the avocado with a fork and add a pinch of salt and lemon juice.

Spread it on the bread e add the smoked salmon on top, sliced ​​radishes, chopped chives and a teaspoon of oil.

avocado toast pompelmo rosa

Avocado toast with pink grapefruit

Ingrediants: 1 avocado, 1 pink grapefruit, salt, oil, a handful of pistachios


Toast the slices of bread, mash the avocado with a fork and add oil and salt.

Spread it on the bread and place on top of the grapefruit wedges.

Garnish with crushed pistachios and serve.

avocado toast mais grigliato

Avocado toast with grilled corn

Ingrediants: bread, 1 avocado, 1 cob of corn, parsley, salt, oil, cream cheese, butter


Grill the corn on the cob and season it by rubbing the butter on the still hot surface.

Add a pinch of salt and let it cool while you toast the slices of bread.

Mash the avocado with fork e mix it with cheese (like Philadephia), adding oil and salt.

Spread the mixture on the slices of bread and cover it with the pieces of grilled corn and a sprinkle of parsley and other aromas.

avocado toast bacon pomodoro

Avocado toast with bacon and cherry tomatoes

Ingrediants: bread, 1 avocado, 1 lemon, salt, oil, bacon, cherry tomatoes, lettuce (or rocket), butter


In a pan toast the bacon with butter and let cool.

Toast the bread e mash the avocado seasoning it with oil, salt and lemon.

Spread it on the bread, place it on top of the slices of bacon, lettuce (or rocket) and finally i sliced ​​cherry tomatoes.

Finally season with a drizzle of oil.

avocado toast pere gorgonzola

Avocado toast with pears, gorgonzola and walnuts

Ingrediants: bread, 1 avocado, 100 g of gorgonzola, 1 pear, oil, salt, 50 g of walnuts, honey, pepper, cinnamon (to taste)


Toast the bread and walnuts

Mash the avocado and season it with oil, salt and pepper.

Spread it on the toast e cover it with the gorgonzola and the slices of pears cut thin.

On pour some honey and sprinkle with toasted walnuts.

avocado toast pistacchio miele

Avocado toast with honey and pistachios

Ingrediants: avocado, 1 baguette, honey, 40 grams of pistachios, salt, sesame


Cut the baguette into slices and bake them to obtain croutons.

In a bowl mash the avocados with a fork until you get a mush.

Add salt and honey and spread on the bread.

In the end add the pistachios, after having minced them a little, and sesame.

avocado toast tonno

Avocado toast with tuna tartare

Ingrediants: bread, 1 tuna steak, 1 avocado, oil, sesame oil, soy sauce, lemon, black sesame


After putting the bread to toast in the oven, cut the tuna fillet into cubes and season it with sesame oil and soy sauce.

Let it marinate for a few minutes.

Mash the avocado and season it with salt, oil and lemon.

Spread it on the slices of bread e add the diced tuna.

Decorate with sesame seeds black and served.

avocado toast hummus peperoncino

Avocado toast with hummus and chili

Ingrediants: 500 grams of precooked chickpeas, lemon juice, sesame sauce (tahina), salt, 1 clove of garlic, chilli, 1 avocado


Prepare the hummus draining the chickpeas and peeling them after having blanched them.

Add them to the tahini, to the lemon juice, to the oil and garlic and add the salt.

Blend everything until you get a cream.

Toast the bread, mash the avocado and spread it

Pour over the hummus e sprinkle with chilli.

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