Beige hair: the nude hair trend loved by stars
Beige hair: the nude hair trend loved by stars

After make-up and shoes, the great nude trend also arrives on the hair and the stars are crazy about it

As the great make-up artists and Christian Louboutin have taught us, there is a nude right for each of us.

Just like the best foundation that adapts to the complexion, blonde to brown hair takes on shades in shades of beige to harmonize with the complexion.

The result? Naked hair with highlights and shades that recall the undertone of our skin, from cream to caramel, balancing cold and golden tones to create a color of beige hair custom made.

Amanda Seyfried harmonizes her rosy complexion with nude blushing hair, mixing various shades of cold blond, vanilla and rose gold.


Gigi Hadid she recently ditched Californian blonde for a more natural shade of nude hair, in a shade somewhere between dark blonde and light golden brown.


Before the recent drastic cut, shaved and platinum color, Cara Delevingne she preferred beige hair that blended perfectly with her complexion, mixing light and dark shades of ash blonde.


Chrissy Teigen she loves the ton sur ton hair with caramel shades and her golden complexion.


Blake Lively creates a whole with her cream-colored complexion and her hair in shades of vanilla blonde, balancing warm and cold shades.


Jennifer Lopez has always been a big fan of beige hair and matching makeup.

jennifer lopez

Jessica Alba she has light hazel hair, the same tone as her complexion.


Khloe Kardashian enhances the olive complexion with beige hair in a cool shade, with darker roots.


Taylor Swift she has natural beige hair, in a shade of ash blonde that is perfect for her fair skin and blue eyes.


Jennifer Aniston creates her nude hair shade with golden highlights and lightening.


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