Celebrity Red Hair: Celebrities love copper
Celebrity Red Hair: Celebrities love copper

Red hair goes crazy among celebrities, here are all the most beautiful ginger hair from which to take inspiration right away!

AND red hair mania among the stars! In fact, the coppery hair that crowd the red carpets is more and more numerous.

The warm and incandescent shades range from strawberry blonde to ginger, up to shades of copper color more intense and profound.

We have selected for you i Red hair more beautiful than the stars who love flamboyant hair, combined with the coolest hairstyles to copy instantly, from vintage or natural waves to easy harvests.

Amy Adams She has nature strawberry blonde hair that she loves to warm up with ginger undertones. Here they are styled with soft waves with a retro flavor and stopped sideways.


The top knot with full and asymmetrical bangs by Bryce Dallas Howard, in its iconic vibrant copper tone.


Christina Hendricks is another Hollywood red head. The actress loves to wear wavy hair in a vintage style.


Vintage waves also on the long bob of Emma Stone. The actress is actually blonde, but has always been fond of auburn hair with golden highlights.


Holland Roden, the actress made famous by the Teen Wolf serial, pulled her natural red hair with bronze hues into a messy bun with locks on the sides of her face.


Natural auburn hair also for Isla Fischer, always fond of her ginger red hair.


Jessica Chastain warms its strawberry blonde with a more orange undertone that turns to copper. Her ladylike side hairstyles are a must.


The coppery shade of Julianne Moore it is made less bright by bronze shades, with a very chic result.


Auburn hair in an intense and deep shade very British for Karen Gillan. They make her hazel eyes shine.


The lead actress of the Shadowhunters series, Katherine McNamara, has copper-colored hair so bright it takes on an almost neon hue.


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