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Decorate the house with hanging plants
Decorate the house with hanging plants

Do you want to create a "floating garden" with plants to hang? Here's how to do it

The plant within the walls of the house are a real declaration of joy. Why not optimize the spaces and suspend micro gardens right under our roof? The result of this experiment could be very suggestive.

Your vases will seem to float in the bedroom as well as in the bathroom, they can replace the curtains on the windows but also the shelves that are now banal to your eyes. They will know how to keep you company during your most intimate readings and you will want to contemplate them once you have tucked the covers.

Here are our tips for making a floating garden extraordinary.

Contrasting wall

Choose a beautiful shade of color for the wall that welcomes the plants, such as teal or petrol, which will enhance your evergreen corner with an extra pinch of character. The Feng Shui palettes are the most suitable, especially when it comes to the living area.


Photo Credit: Pinterest / Nikolas Malstaff

Instead of the tent

Why not transform the tents into a real floating garden? Plants need light and if placed right in front of a natural light source they will keep extraordinarily beautiful.

Ceramiche davanti alla finestra al posto della tenda

Photo Credit: Pinterest / Home Decor

Glass bubbles

If you want containers that are a little different from the ordinary, glass bubbles are among the most popular and suggestive. They are perfect if placed in a corner of the house, perhaps just above the relaxation area where you keep moments of intimate reading.

Bolle vetro

Photo Credit: Pinterest / Red Magazine

Wooden structure

For all DIY lovers, this solution is for you. You can choose shapes, sizes, lengths and materials in complete autonomy, to guarantee your pots the visibility they deserve.

Struttura in legno

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Clothes hanger (ops, plants)

Who said that the washers can only accommodate a part of the wardrobe? Choose the plant pots you like best and drop them at different heights, so as to create an impressive optical movement.

Struttura porta abiti

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On the bathtub

Your moments of relaxation are precious, so feel free to transform the bathroom into a small oasis of pleasure for the eyes and soul. If you have the possibility to place the tub right under the skylight, choose this as a location to hang your plants, so that they can enjoy natural light.

Vasca da bagno

Photo Credit: Pinterest / Design Sponge

In the bedroom

The (right) plants can prove to be an extraordinary ally to counteract insomnia and improve the quality of sleep, contrary to what we often hear. A nice idea to contemplate can be to place them right above the bed, as the only decorative element of the room.

Vasi verdi sul letto

Photo Credit: Pinterest / Miracle-Gro

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